Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Favorite Blogs that Inspire Me

It's true I'm finally back!!! Yes it has been one hell of a bad start to this year for me so far but I refuse to give in to the stress. We finally, yes finally got my 9yr old into another class and we have actually started counseling for her which I truly hope will help. It amazes me how authoritative figures in our school system will protect a bully teacher before they put a childs peace of mind at ease, it goes to show (me anyway) not to put trust in the people in charge of our childrens welfare. Anyway we are still battling that but I also lost my niece on Valentines day she had been battling drugs & alcohol addiction for awhile what's so sad is she was only 35yrs old. I keep thinking Jesus her life was just starting I'm 42 and I feel like I'm just now enjoying my life you know?

And of course I found Tumblr and yes I'm now addicted to it LOL  I have been having way too much fun on there. I have also read some of the most amazing, inspirational blogs that I just have to share now not all of these are review blogs some I think not at all but there's 2 that have inspired me to the point I have cried at their selflessness and beauty. 1. thornysterling.com  This young man as he calls himself gender fluid  I really like that term btw he makes me want to just hug him, he talks about life as it pertains to him but he also brings the joy in his life, to us. I can't say enough how impressed I am with this young man and truly hope he continues to include us into his and husband Jazz' plus friends Alec & Carter's lives. And Thorny if you happen to read this please know you have inspired an older woman (I refuse to say middle age LOL) to be a better person and a better parent, so Thank You.
so now 2.  2boysinlove.blogspot.com Matt & Brad are another couple who have just made want to give them big hugs their story is so beautiful but so real. They talk about everything from how they feel about each other, to their future dreams and even how they deal with their pasts and with Matt's ADHD I love the feelings we get because most of us can relate to at least one point in our own lives. Some posts are funny some are not so much but they never fell to put a smile on my face when reading one of their posts. So guys Thank you for sharing your lives with us,  never regress that you do make a difference in someones life because you truly have made one in mine. Ok I'm gonna fangirl a little bit because these are some of my favorite authors but they also have really fun and amazing blogs too 3. rickrreedreality.blogspot.com not only because I love reading his stories but reading about his life and very recently his marriage to his man Bruce was just beautiful and yes brings a smile to my face his son also inspires me with how he adores his dad. 4. rjscottauthor.blogspot.com two reasons for this being one of my favs first I also have an Autistic son so I have found some really great information from her posts, so I truly thank you for that. But also RJ keeps me informed with when her books are released and where (Yes my OCD kicks in and I actually have a notebook of coming book releases so I can buy them as soon as they come out) I for one love this it's nice to know when I can look for a new book to enjoy for one of my fav authors. LOL I know I can be weird but I like me so I get over myself esteem easily. finally 5. amberkell.wordpress.com simply she's another fav author of mine but she also has the most fascinating blog stories I have ever read I'm usually hooked by the first installment.

Now that's not all my favs but I was in the mood to let these know that even though it may not feel like you make a difference with every post you write, you do! even if it's only one person that smiles or cries with you, Don't stop sometimes a little piece of your joy or even your sadness will inspire someone else's for the better. Thanks for listening to me ramble on and Happy Reading peeps!