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Sounds of Love (Senses and Sensations #1) & Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations #2) by Susan Laine

Sounds of Love (Senses and Sensations, #1) What does love sound like? If you hear it, will you heed its call?

Police officer Jordan Waters is recovering from a shooting by moving to a new apartment in a new town and taking a new job. In other words, he’s lonely. His first instinct is to relieve his anxiety through uncomplicated sex—until he meets a man so far out of his league and experience that he stumbles for the first time.

Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but his spirit, openness, and sense of humor give him the strength to get through anything—even the emotional defenses of Jordan Waters. But it’s his own family history that poses the biggest challenge. Can he learn to trust Jordan with his heart, or will his upbringing blind him to the sounds of love?

                                                                  5 STARS

I love this story, the emotion, the action, the romance and of course the sex, but there was just something about this story that captured my attention and refused to let go. I have only one pet peeve and that was the cover the couple on it look like teens not almost thirty year old cops! I just recently bought this book because of another reviewer's you get my meaning right? anyway I had seen this book on amazon countless times but the cover made me think it was a YA book not that I don't read those but this cover didn't make me stop to checkout the blurb. So just to say I love having books referred to me I don't want to miss out on an excellent read. Ok back to this story I loved it did I already say that? Jordan is so snarky & smooth that it was hilarious watching him get taken off his "I'm sexy & I know it" high horse by Sebastian, the chemistry between these two is apparent from the moment they meet. I loved them getting to know one another and adding  Bas' brother "Bro" you gotta read it to get that and Tony Jordan's brother made it a sweet intense little family. There is some emotional drama but it isn't too angsty just enough to make me want to read more which I did by going to buy the next book LOL I Highly Recommend

Love in Plain Sight (Senses and Sensations, #2)

A Senses and Sensations Story

What does love look like? If you see it, will you give it the attention it deserves?

Police volunteer Sebastian Sumner may be deaf, but he’s strong and capable. He’s been involved with Detective Jordan Waters for a year now. Their relationship hasn’t been smooth sailing, but their love is on solid ground. Too bad their work lives are on shakier soil—Jordan’s is, anyway, as he sets out with his partner to investigate Aldous Henley, a shady art dealer suspected of forgery and smuggling. But proving these crimes and bringing the man to justice is more challenging than Jordan expected.

Before long, Henley isn’t just a work problem. The case consumes Jordan’s attention, and he’s struggling to balance his busy professional life and his equally important private life—especially with a significant anniversary approaching. Love may be in plain sight, but that doesn’t mean it should be taken for granted

                                                                    5 STARS

Ok I still don't like the cover but at least they don't look so young in this one, anyway the second book was just as effing awesome!!!! I truly truly enjoyed this couple I mena they both have some serious issues to deal with but they communicate so well that even though Bas is deaf  it never seems as though he's disabled you know? He's incredibly smart and can take care of himself easily, I just think him & Jordan make one of the sweetest couple I have ever read. I highly highly recommend both books

Spits and Bellows (Midnight Matings #19) by Joyee Flynn

Spits and Bellows
After Huckleberry drank the spiked toast at the UPAC conference, he had but one thought on his mind… Claim a mate. He jumped the first good-looking stranger he didn’t think would eat him, and manic need took over. Unfortunately, the man he picked was less than thrilled.

Peyton just wanted to be left alone and keep to his strict work schedule. Was that really too much to ask? He’d gone to the UPAC conference to get his required attendance for the decade out of the way. He never thought he’d bring anyone home.

But when Huck tries desperately to make up for what he’s done to Peyton and nothing helps, he works himself to exhaustion. And with the strange anger issues and quirks his mate has, he doesn’t see the loving mating he always dreamed of. Will he even last the required four years?

                                                                   4 STARS

I truly enjoyed this Midnight Matings book, it was such a funny start to a matings story with sweet Huckleberry (love that name) mating the first guy that didn't look like he'd eat him. Peyton is a jerk for most of the book but once you meet his parents you understand why he's such an asshole, though that doesn't excuse the way he acts to poor Huck. I really didn't like Peyton till close to the end of the book when he starts to act like a descent guy, but he still should have kicked his brother' ass for the way he treats Huck. It's a good story even though there are parts I wanted to scream at like having to go to Peytons parents house and the crap that they not only put Peyton through but also what they do to Huck. The added BDSM caught me completely off guard but was ok and not drastic, but the story would have been just as good without it too. I  recommend

Pete's Persuasion (Shifters' Haven #7) by Lavinia Lewis

Pete's Persuasion (Shifters' Haven, #7)
When wolf Pete Johnson hears there has been an explosion at the dancehall he manages, he rushes to the scene with his alpha Kelan. Kelan’s mate Jake had been on his way to Jessie’s dancehall with Tony, a friend visiting from New York who Pete has yet to meet. When they arrive at the scene, amid the chaos, Pete discovers that Tony is his mate. But Tony is human and doesn’t know about the existence of wolves.

As more fires ravage the small town of Wolf Creek, including Kelan’s home – The Crazy Horse ranch - Pete must help find the person responsible while trying to persuade Tony that destiny brought them together and they are made for one another. Can Pete convince his mate and capture the culprit before Tony becomes yet another casualty of the insane wolf, bent on revenge, who has the werewolf population of Wolf Creek running scared?

                                                            4.75 STARS

This is one of those series that I just can't wait to read the next book in, I love that the characters and couples in the previous stories are not forgotten but included in each book, so that we not only get to catch up with them but we seem to learn more about them too. Tony we actually meet in the very first book and I just knew I would adore his character he's funny and fierce all wrapped up in a smaller package. I liked his reaction to finding out about the werewolves and that he questions his friendship since it only makes it stronger. Pete we've met also in previous books he's Kelan's beta and the first time that Pete & Tony meet is after the dancehall blows up can you imagine how Tony feels seeing Kelan eye's and teeth shift then feeding Jake his blood? Yeah I would have freaked too It's all eventually explained and Tony & Pete work on being mates. The action/drama part of this story was exciting as well, it definitely keeps you bouncing on your toes.  I highly recommend

Second Hand (Tucker Springs #2) by Heidi Cullinan & Marie Sexton

Second Hand
Paul Hannon moved to Tucker Springs for his girlfriend, but she’s left him with a house he can’t afford and a pantry full of useless gadgets. All Paul wants is to get back to normal, even if he's not sure what that is anymore. When he wanders into Tucker Pawn for a gift to win her back, he meets El Rozal, pawn shop owner and all-around cynic.

El Rozal doesn’t do relationships, especially not with clueless straight boys still pining for their ex. El may make his living dealing in castoffs, but that doesn't apply to men. Still, when Paul starts clearing out his old life, pawning kitchen equipment he never wanted in the first place, El is drawn to Paul in spite of himself.

Paul and El have nothing in common except a past full of disappointments. There's no reason to believe the two of them could fit, but in El’s line of work, one man’s junk is another man’s treasure. When it comes to love, El and Paul may learn that secondhand doesn't mean second best

                                                                          4.75 STARS

I really enjoyed this couple their friendship and later relationship flowed really well, it didn't feel rushed or forced just very natural. I always love reading a story that seems very relaxed even with the issues (mainly Pauls) that they both deal with. And I'm really loving this town the people in it are so fricking funny, it makes it feel very homey (ok that's probably not a word but oh well) and the research that these wonderful authors did and brought out in this story about El's heritage and his family obligations I found totally and completely fascinating. I always love when I have finished a book and I feel I have learned something in the process.

I had a few issues with Paul and his issues, I mean there are times in this book I really wanted to smack him for being so clueless and don't get me started on Stacey I swear that girl pissed me off so bad and Paul in his cluelessness just lets her get by with it. I was so glad when he pulled his head outta his ass and El was just so adorable he really does try to keep his distance but he falls hard for Paul. And both of their families were so great I loved El's sister she was just to much, his mom even more LOL and I'm glad that El was such a nice guy, it makes you rout for him right off the bat.

I will Highly Recommend and if you haven't read the first book in this series which is Where the Nerves End by LA Witt even though Second Hand can be read as a standalone easily it's a great way to get more of the town.

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The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (Mate or Meal #13) by Scarlet Hyacinth

The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (Mate or Meal, # 13)
Blood slave or bonded? It is a question that has hounded vampire Kaname Yamamoto since he first saw werewolf Derek Wade. In all his years as an elder, he’s never experienced such a powerful pull toward anyone. But is their connection just lust, or something more?

Derek’s duty as an Alpha’s son binds him, keeping him from exploring his feelings for Kaname. But he cannot resist his desires, and as he returns into Kaname’s embrace, he realizes he doesn’t even want to. For the first time in his life, he opens his heart and trusts someone with his innermost vulnerabilities.

Even as the two struggle to balance a relationship in a world that still frowns on vampire-shifter cooperation, the tentative alliance between the species is shattered by an unexpected attack. Old wounds are stirred, and Derek’s relationship with Kaname is threatened. Can their bond withstand the weight of divided loyalties?

                                                        3.5 STARS

I'm not sure exactly how I felt about this story, don't get me wrong it was good really it was but it's more about the action/drama storyline then the relationship between Derek & Kaname. I was very surprised by the bad guy in this one didn't see that coming, there's more issues in this one and the ending through me for a loop but it's a good story and we get some new characters but also some of our previous ones too.  I would have liked to get to know Kaname better his character seems so alof that its hard to really like him but I loved Derek he has such a sweet disposition that you just can't help but like him. I will Recommend because I love this series and to enjoy it fully I think you need to read them all preferably in order. 

Lyon's Theorem of Seduction (TomCats #2) by Gale Stanley

Lyon's Theorem of Seduction (TomCats #2)

TomCats is the hottest gay resort in Key West and the perfect place for Andrew Long to forget his cheating ex-boyfriend.

Sexy tomcat Lyon Nash enjoys his life running the resort he owns with a group of cat-shifters. He's not looking for a mate, but the shy, uptight Andrew ignites a spark that his cat can't ignore.

Captain Jack, the cruise director, is also attracted to Andrew, and he bets Lyon that he can seduce the new guest first.

Lyon puts his Theorem of Seduction to the test and wins the bet. Things heat up between him and Andrew. They have a magical, mutual connection, but their relationship goes south when Andrew finds out about the bet. Once again he's been humiliated and he flies back to New York. At least he's bringing back the stray cat he adopted, but can the feline help him forget the charming cad he left behind

                                                                       4.25 STARS

I love this series I don't know if it's the fact that the shifters are Tomcats or what but this series is not only funny and sexy but has some serious issues it deals with also. Andrew is a sweet guy but he is always forgiving and taking back his cheating lying ex. So he's off to start over and get his life together when he meets Lyon whose a Tomcat shifter but also one of the owners of Tomcats resort too. We met him a little in the first story, but he's working as the bartender when he meets Andrew, he's immediately attracted but feels he has a rep to protect. Anyway along comes Captain Jack (I keep thinking Sparrow after that LOL) and a bet is made, unfortunately Lyon falls hard for Andrew right before the bottom falls out. I truly enjoyed this story I laughed,I cried, I had to take a cold shower (sorry inner perv got out) Ok yes the sex scenes are pretty damn hot (ok you happy now...inner perv smiles) My favorite part in this book was that Andrew finally puts his foot down he's decided he isn't anyone's doormat any longer and I loved how that all came about. Can't wait to read Captain Jack's story next (damn there goes that Pirates theme in my head again) I Recommend.

Be Courageous (Guide to Armageddon #2) by Gabrielle Evans

Be Courageous (Guide to Armageddon #2.0)
On the hunt for provisions, Kennedy Colfax falls right into the hands of Prince Julius Marionette. Surprisingly, the vampire is kind, generous, and noble—so different from the others—and Kennedy soon finds himself enamored with the man.

Though enchanted by Kennedy, Julius remains hesitant, fearful of the repercussions should his intolerant father discover his true feelings. When his secret is revealed and Kennedy is kidnapped, Julius won’t stop until he finds his mate. Unfortunately, rescuing his intended is only the beginning.

Young and impetuous, Kennedy balks at the idea of an eternal binding, while Julius works through feelings of inferiority caused by a lifetime of abuse. When enemies become allies, and friends betray them, it only adds to the strain on their relationship. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, an internal battle will rage as the pair struggles against their personal demons.

War is easy. Love takes courage

                                                                    3.75 STARS

This one is book 2 in the Armageddon series (anyone else hear Def Leppard in your head whenever you say that?) it's Kennedy whom I adored and Julius whom I liked for most part story. I liked the storyline very well and the action scenes were pretty damn good my biggest issues with this book was Julius in the previous book I really liked him and couldn't wait to read this one but in Be Courageous I gotta say I thought he acted like a wimp for most of the story and Kennedy comes across as the Hero here. First Julius won't stand up to his father not even for his Mate I get that he's suffering but I honestly got the feeling he was whining too much I really wanted to smack him, I mean look at what Kennedy goes through and he still refuses to give up. It felt like a completely different character from what we learned of him in the first book. They did have chemistry and some sweet moments, but it was lost on me with Julius. I will recommend because Kennedy makes this story pop and very enjoyable.


Doing the Dean (Claybourne College, #1) by Mia Watts

Doing the Dean (Claybourne College, #1)
When Griffin Sizemore transferred to Claybourne College, his goal was to finish his doctorate and get out of school. He never expected to fall for his best friend’s sexy dad, especially when that dad turns out to be the Dean of Students. A little daring perseverance shows him that the Dean doesn’t seem so unapproachable. So since when did getting in the Dean’s pants suddenly become a quest to win his heart?
                                                   4 STARS

This was a fun but very interesting read, the issues are serious and dealt very well, the characters are fun and we get to know them pretty good too, the sex scenes are scorching and the addition of best friend/son Tony made it funny but sweet as well. I had issues with Griffin in a way but understood also where his head/heart was at, and the fact that Julian just can't stay away from Griffin even at the risk of his highly covenanted  job as Dean. Like I said it's an exciting quick read but I definitely recommend it.

Vampire's Mate (Vamp Mates #1) by Dakota Dawn

Vampire's Mate

Renny Woolsey’s first night at his new job of bartender’s assistant ends with him running for his life. He wouldn’t have even taken the job if his college grant money hadn’t been almost depleted.

Sprinting through the woods at night to escape two vampires wasn’t something he would have ever guessed he’d be doing. His mom had raised him to believe that humans shared the earth with other beings. The truth of her belief is now chasing him. Just when he thought he couldn’t go on, Renny comes to a cabin. An owl hoots eerily and Renny bounds up the cabin’s steps. To his horror, a huge owl flies right onto the porch. In a panic, Renny rushes into the unlocked cabin.

As Renny tries to figure out how he’s going to escape two evil vamps and one freaky owl, a light comes on. He is instantly mesmerized by Zavier Thorpe's pale green eyes.

If Renny lives through the night, his life will be changed forever.

                                                                             3 STARS

This was a first from this author for me, not a bad story to start with either. It was a fast paced paranormal with Vampires chasing poor Renny right to Zavier's door. I would have liked to read how these two got to the epilogue with the issues that they had between them, I also would have liked to read more about them getting to know one another. But it wasn't a bad book I just felt it was missing with the hop to the epilogue, I think it could have been a fascinating story with alittle more indepth getting to know each other dialog. I still recommend because it's a cute fun story


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Steamroller by Mary Calmes

About the last thing Vincent Wade expected was for Carson Cress to ask him out. Vince is a dedicated biology student and a bit of a loner. Superstar quarterback Carson is larger than life, and he lives under a public microscope. There’s no way they should work. But Vince is learning that sometimes people just come steamrolling into your life and all you can do is hang on for the ride or lose your heart in the process. If their relationship can survive the fallout when an injury derails Carson’s future plans, maybe Vince can finally find something to believe in.
                                                     4.75 STARS

I absolutely loved this book, I laughed, I cried and enjoyed every minute of this book, only reason I didn't give it a 5 star was I would have liked it to be longer it's kinda a shorter story not short short but not A Matter of Time length either. Carson was a great character I loved that he really wanted Vince in his life no matter the consequences to either his family life or his football career, he just wanted Vince. And Vince was awesome I mean the shit he goes through with his own family I could understand his reservations in having a relationship with Carson, but like the song says the Heart don't Lie and its totally amazing the decisions Vince makes it has to be terrifying but he needs to take a chance on love.  I really liked their chemistry and how they complement each others attitudes, they just mesh really well. And I totally loved Carsons mom shes a good badass I wouldn't want to mess with that mama bear LOL. The secondary  characters in this story were hilarious Matt being a funny nut case I mean Vince could have easily have held a grudge but considering that Matt and his family take Vince in when he was left by his own family I loved that Matts family acted they way they did and were such wonderful people I really wish there were more people out there that were so open minded and loving like that.  I wouldn't mind reading more about this fun couple. I Highly Recommend

A Few Quick Reviews

I know its been like forever since I've posted but life kinda got in my way this week and I got side tracked not hard for me to do right? LOL Anyway I have read a lot which is a good thing but now I have like 20 reviews I should do. So some of the short stories I have read I'm gonna bundle together HEHE I've been watching way to make TV too.  One or two of these I believe were free but the others I purchased. I read something very disturbing this week and it's been on my mind all week, on another blog I read there was a review for a book but the reviewer didn't really review the book, she went on to literally rip this author to pieces not her writing itself but literally the author. Shame on that reviewer I admit not everyone is gonna like every book that an author has wrote but that doesn't mean that we as reviewers need to belittle a person for what they write. There are some authors that I personally don't read not because they can't write but because I don't enjoy their subjects or maybe it's the content of those stories not that author personally. I love to read I want to be entertained and taken to another place when I read a book, thats the whole point in reading for me anyway. And there are books I don't like doesn't mean that the author isn't any good it just means that said book didn't work for me, I'm incredibly moody so there are days I may want to read about deep emotional issues where I'm crying my eyes out (I have authors that I go to for that deep emotional cleansing that I know comes by the end of that story) and then there are days that I want funny, sweet romance, or even days I want to read smutty or smexy without much storyline (inner perv again) But still I just want to say to Authors everywhere Don't Give Up keep writing and take every review with a grain of salt(mine included), it can't make you a better author that comes with time and practice I truly believe. You may get pointers or advice from them but deep down you know yourself if some one picks on you as a author don't listen there are nicer ways of helping someone grow as an author I'm sure without trying to destroy that persons self confidence. Besides if everybody stopped writing and reviewing I wouldn't know where or which books I need read, I have learned which reviewers I can trust to give me an honest review and which books I'm gonna buy next. So keep writing people and I'll keep buying onward we go LOL

Turbulence by Jordan Castillo Price 3 STARS This is my first book by this author, and I got it free on amazon, it's a first in a series but so far so good I was a little confused at first and I kinda got a feeling it's gonna be like that TV show Lost feel to it but it was interesting and I will read the next one to see where it goes.

Gothic by Marie Medina 2.5 STARS It wasn't what I was expecting and I felt the blurb didn't really get it right with this story, wasn't a favorite of mine.

It's Simple Simon by Lee Brazil  2.5 STARS Now usually I love this author's stories, so I was surprised that I didn't like this one but I just couldn't get into it

Blamestorming (EMS Heat) by Stephani Hecht 3.5 STARS I really like this series, again this one wasn't my favorite but it had some of my favorite characters from previous books in it. It's a really good short read.

A Mate for Two by Penelope Rivers 3 STARS Another fun short read, that would have been fascinating in a longer story.

Seduction by Lou Harper 4.25 STARS I soo wish this story had been longer I really would like to have read more it was funny, and sexy and completely fascinating I really wanted to read more.

Rainbow Courage by Charlie Richards 3.5 STARS I think if I had more story this could have been a great story for me but for a short story it was pretty good.

Happy Endings Briefs by Missy Welsh 3.75 STARS This is a collection of short short stories but they all were fun and sexy as hell and I really enjoyed them. Sometimes you just want a little smex this is the book you wanna read.

Happy Endings by JP Bowie 3.75 STARS This was a cute story but I'm use to a little more action/drama from this author so reading a sweet story through me off but don't get me wrong it is good just shorter than I was expecting.

 Have a great Fall day and I will be back with some more reviews soon.

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Gasp! by Z.A. Maxfield

Jeff Paxton came home from Afghanistan looking for roots. Instead his pregnant sister talks him into a job babysitting the volatile megastar Nigel Gasp. Nigel is stubborn, needy, and determined to be the center of attention everywhere he goes. Before long, Jeff realizes that something is bothering Gasp, and that keeping him out of trouble might be more difficult than he thought.

Nigel never planned on getting old. He simply assumed a hard drinking, hard partying lifestyle would take care of that. Now that he's turning forty, he's depressed and a little bit desperate. To Nigel, forty seems like a fine age to deposit his DNA and check out while he's still on top.

The last thing Jeff needs is to fall in love with Nigel Gasp. The last thing Nigel expects is a whole new reason to live. But how can Jeff put down roots with a man who is never in the same place twice?

Love can be shocking. Gasp

                                                               4.5 STARS

Okay am I the only one who pictured Nigel Gasp as a rock star that we've seen on TV or in Concert? LOL Yeah me too. This was a fun read I laughed most of the time reading it, but theres some serious issues in it too and they are very serious. Like the cross dressing thing even though Nigel is wildly popular he's still afraid to really show that part of himself, I mean the disguising himself from paparazzi is part of it but he has this inner fear that he will need to overcome. And Jeff is just adorable I get why he doesn't just want to be a Gasp tag along and I am really glad that ZA Maxfield handled the whole cheating or not cheating aspect in such a great way. I think if it had been done in a different way I would not have enjoyed this book as well as I did. It's a story with many major issues that are addressed  in a way that it didn't feel too angsty, and it was a really fun read too. It made me wanna be a rock star LOL! No seriously there are so intense moments but I felt they were pleasantly evened out with romantic and funny moments. I Highly Recommend

Riley's Downfall (Brac Pack #29) by Lynn Hagen

Riley's Downfall (Brac Pack, #29)
Riley was one confused bear. He was quiet, moody, and aloof. He wasn’t even mischievous like his six younger brothers. So why on earth was his mate a peculiar man that was Riley's polar opposite?

Sterling loved the Lakeland ranch. He is especially enamored with one big bear shifter name Riley. The problem was, Riley wouldn’t give Sterling the time of day. The man ducked and dodged Sterling every step of the way.

But when Maverick calls in a favor for Riley to be the temporary leader of the fey, Sterling finds himself in an elven village far from the ranch, and Riley isn’t too happy that Sterling stowed away in the back of his truck to get there.

Riley has been handed a huge responsibility. Maverick even called in a favor and had Max, Eagle, and Chey come to help Riley out. But his concerns aren’t with the fey. It’s with one slim human that just might be Riley’s downfall

                                                          4.75 STARS

I can't help it I love this series, Lynn Hagen has me completely wrapped up in this Brac Pack Village and I just wanna read more & more. I have been waiting for Riley's story for awhile, honestly don't know why but he's so moody that I loved him right off the bat. And God, Sterling is AWESOME I mean who names their pet pig Bacon? I adored everything about this story their chemistry, their emotional issues, the hot sex, all of it works for me. And this world doesn't feel like it's 29 books long you know? I always feel like its still a really close family and even the spin off series' just bring me closer into this one ( I love the spin offs too) and I can't wait to continue to read more. None of the stories are alike each one is unique in it's one way so are each and every character too. I know that can't be easy to do so Kudo's for Ms. Hagen for pulling that off excellently. I Highly Recommend.

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Heart & Soul (Wolf Creek Pack #10) by Stormy Glenn

Heart & Soul (Wolf Creek Pack, #10)
Marc Duggon was on a mission. He knew that Lowell Erickson was up to no good and he was determined to prove it. It was the only way he could keep his friends safe. But Marc has no idea that breaking into the man's lavish estate would give him someone else to protect.

Jasper was a blood slave. He had been a blood slave longer than he could remember. His life was hell, a serious of beatings and being an unwilling donor to a coven of blood thirsty vampires. It sucked, especially when the prince of his coven decides Jasper is no longer useful and sells him to the highest bidder. But the man waiting for him after the auction is not new master Jasper expects.

One, he's human.

Two, he's the sexiest damn man Jasper has ever seen and his blood calls to Jasper's heart and soul.

Three, Jasper isn't so sure that Marc is his new master.

Marc fights for their freedom like a man possessed, promising Jasper everything he ever dreamed of, but Jasper hesitates to believe all of the things Marc tells him, especially when the man agrees to do something Jasper never expects. But believing Marc's outlandish tales won't mean a thing if they can't escape the most vicious vampire prince the world has ever known

                                                                               4.5 STARS

Another awesome installment of the Wolf Creek Pack series, I get so into this Pack and it's characters I think the first story is still my absolute favorite but I have to say I have enjoyed each and every one so far. The characters always have such indepth emotions and issues that I can't help but adore  them. Marc we met in the last story is human but knows about shifters his best bud is one, since he helped rescue his best buds mates during the last story. Marc is following up on a lead when he accidentally comes to the rescue of Jasper a Blood Slave to his father of all things...His dads a sick and twisted bastard....anyway he saves Jasper but their on the run from psycho dad. On the way they find love and family in the most unusual places. I Recommend.

Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mystery #2) by Scott Sherman

Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mystery #2) Someone is killing New York City's hottest male prostitutes, and it's up to full-time call boy, part-time sleuth Kevin Connor to find out who. With his spectacular boy-next-door looks, quick wit, and ability to role-play even the most outrageous scenarios, Kevin is facing his most challenging position yet—to stop a ruthless killer.

As Kevin begins his investigation, there's no shortage of possible suspects or motives. Could the killer be a sadistic head case with a deadly fetish? A high-profile celebrity worried that his biggest secret might get out? Or perhaps it's a right-wing politician, guilty of protesting too much from his pious and unforgiving soapbox. As Kevin gets closer to the truth, he'll find himself trapped in a scandalous web of secrets where the line between victim and predator blurs, and no sin goes unpunished…

                                                                      5 STARS

Have you ever read a story that just makes you want to read more and more because you just fell in love with a character? Kevin made me fall for him so easily, I loved his outlook on life, his humor in this story and the deep emotional issues that he deals with just make this incredible. I swear Kevin  has the funniest life of any character I have read, I mean his family alone would probably put me in a padded room especially his mom (whom I actually adored) and his "clients" and the things they want to do HOLY SHIT I will never look at another clown the same way ROFL. Tony I truly wanted to beat the shit outta him for most of the book. I'm not a big fan of a MC hiding in the closet and at times Tony came across as an ass instead of truly loving Kevin, I won't give too much away but their are times I wanted Kevin with someone else just because I felt he deserved to be loved completely. Now as for the mystery/action part of this story that was a blast and I will be honest and say I was surprised by the villain, since it wasn't who I thought it would be. I love a good mystery and this book was one of the best. I have already pre ordered the third one so I seriously can't wait to get it YAY!!! at the end of this month. I will Highly Recommend, I think you will enjoy I know I sure did.

Bound by Love (Bound #1) by T.A. Chase

Bound by Love (Bound, #1) Two cowboys fall in love. Its as simple and as complicated as that. Tyler Newsome is heading home to the Lazy N, tired of the rodeo and tired of always being his charismatic twins shadow. Its time he gets a life of his ownand maybe the man hes always dreamed of, too. Ren Alstons always been attracted to Tyler, but never made a move because of his own mental and emotional baggage. But after years spent taming his demons and gaining control in every aspect of his life, Ren sees the younger mans return as a sign of good things to come. But first, they have to deal with Tylers twin, past indiscretions and Rens brothers. Will these cowboys manage to build a strong foundation of trust and love? Or will their problems be too much for them? Warning: Explicit manlove. Hot naked cowboys, caramel sauce, spanking, whipping and a new twist on the old fashioned roll in the hay
                                                                 4 STARS
I really liked this story, not only because of the extremely Hot Cowboys (although I'm in no way complaining about that) the storyline was really interesting. I found it fascinating that the twins dad was so supportive and that really made this book work for me, ok the one twin's an ass but Tyler is soo sweet and always wants to make everyone else happy, that he puts his own happiness on the back burner. Ren knows what he wants and goes after his man, it's cute and funny and I loved Ren's brothers. Since I've had this book for awhile before reading it I'll have to see if the brothers have stories I would definitely want to read them too. It's a Hot Sexy Cowboy Love Story that I thoroughly enjoyed I Recommend

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boys by G.A. Hauser

Boys who love boys who love girls.

Twenty-five year old Jag Huntington loved straight men. He couldn’t help it. Something about their macho-allure intrigued him. But Jag had never even managed to have a straight man as a friend.
His best friend Tyson Hopper, and Tyson’s boyfriend Howard Steinman invite Jag out for a night with the gay-boys and Howard’s sister, Virginia.
When Virginia brings her straight boyfriend, Carson Phelps, Jag’s attraction to the thirty year old stud was instant. But there was not mutual attraction, not even curiosity.
It wasn’t until Virginia insinuated that Jag and Carson should be friends, ‘close’ friends, that Jag began to wonder if he had a chance.
Carson liked hanging with gay men. They were fun. His straight buddies didn’t get into dancing, music, or anything he really wanted to do. The idea of having a great gay friend appealed to Carson. Self-assured, Carson didn’t flinch at the racy conversation nor sexual overtones of his gay companions’ conversation. He liked it.
There was something which intrigued both men into crossing the line of friendship into a physical relationship, but for Jag, it was devoid of any emotional attachment, which he craved from Carson.
Would Jag and Carson’s friendship ever evolve into anything more than a couple of friends; one gay and one straight?
Or was there really something extra special about a boy who loves boys, who loves girls?

                                                                         4.5 STARS 

I found this book a lot of fun, and HELLO the cover is hot!!!! So this story is about Jag who is sweet but sexy as hell, and Carson whose "straight" as they become friends. Jist of the story the blurb is perfect Jag likes Carson but Carson is dating Virginia who is Jags best friends boyfriends sister WHAT? LOL yeah it took me awhile too but it's funny and deals with some very serious issues too.
I had one major flaw with it and that was Virginia WTH? this girl is completely nuts I mean who pushes to get their boyfriend to have a threesome with a gay guy? (ok besides me) No I'm serious she's a little weird  right? Anyway I don't believe you can turn some one gay so I kinda threw that opinion out the window, face it Carson was already gay he just found someone that completes him. I have heard lots of stories about coming out at an older age where the person had always assumed they were straight, my opinion sometimes it just takes longer to find someone(no matter the gender) who fits, someone that excites them and completes them. But anyway back to the story I loved Jag's character he is soo sweet and loses his heart to Carson so easily, not sure I would have hung around waiting for Carson to pull his head outta his ass but never the less its a really good book I kinda blocked out the whole Virginia being in the threesome since it's main focus is on Jag & Carson. I recommend

Russian Prey (Assassin / Shifter) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Russian Prey (book 8 Assassin/Shifter)
Special Agent Keegan Ripley has watched, listened to and fantasized about the notorious Vicious Vince Markov for more than a decade. Now he has been assigned the task of going undercover in Rio to convince Markov to meet with FBI bosses about joining forces. After meeting Vince in a gay bar, Keegan finds that even his very close surveillance has left him completely unprepared for the man’s overwhelming sex appeal. Besides fighting his traitorous body, Keegan also has to deal with the fact that his crush is a complete and total ass.

Sexy, cold and unfeeling assassin Vince Markov is on a mission. He has been sent to Rio to kill Dario Nardozzi, a child killer whose number is up. He makes sure the psychopath knows he's in Rio, but it turns out that the biggest threat to Vince's well-being isn't Nardozzi - it's one Keegan Ripley. When he catches Vince's eye in a very big way, Vince is intrigued. But the beautiful Mr. Ripley isn’t interested and, thrown off his game, Vince has another mission: find out why in hell not!

Forced to work together, the mission becomes dangerous for both men. As they battle a madman and their own feelings, secrets are revealed, trusts are betrayed and lives are at stake. Vince's cold heart is in danger of melting and Keegan's resolve to resist Vince is buckling. Can a notoriously vicious killer and an FBI agent actually fall in love?

                                                                      5 + STARS 
 I am completely hooked on this fascinating series, Sandrine Gasq-Dion has totally wrapped me up in this amazing tale, I mean it's part fantasy part not and it never feels strained or confused. Instead it's exciting and each character pulls you in to their lives so easily you don't even know it's happened. I read really fast and the down side to that is waiting for the next book to come out LOL each book has such a different plotline that it doesn't get boring or anything and DAMN girl the sex scenes...I need a cold shower...LOL I loved the MC's in this one Vince was exciting, with his friendship with his ex to the relationship with his son and even fighting his attraction to Keegan and his emotional turmoil about his life it's all just frigging awesome I can't wait for the ex's story and the son's too their both fascinating characters. Keegan is sooo sweet and that boy has been through so much but he's got this inner strength that makes you adore his character. There are even parts where I didn't like the way Vince treated Keegan but in it's context it really works more for the story not against it. And as always we get the wonderful characters and couples from previous books (I just Love that Riley) which makes this series feel more like a family. I loved this story, it's exciting on the edge of your seat action, a hot & steamy love story with a little paranormal thrown and we even get more of our favorite couples and what their going through too. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Mate Healer (Dragonmen #4) by Amber Kell

Mate Healer (Dragonmen, #4)
His parents' violent ending, makes Lian Blythorpe vow to keep things light between himself and any partner. His promise is abandoned when he meets Nevair Dragonfang, the religious leader for an entire planet. One glance into Nevair's intense gaze and Lian melts. It only takes them coming together one time for Lian to find himself captured by his sexy mate to the point where he can't imagine life without him. Unfortunately, not everyone is please with their bond and one man's jealousy sends Lian to a trial by fire he may not survive.
                                                                4.75 STARS

Mate Healer is my favorite book in this series so far, it's funny, and exciting but my favorite part or character I should say is Lian I absolutely loved  his outlook on life, his humor and his sarcasm, face it he was just my fav. The storyline was fascinating also I really got into the mystery and meeting the new secondary characters. This book was just a joy to read and I gotta say Lian had much more faith in his mate than I would have...shivers....The test that is put to Nevair & Lian I truly don't think I could have withstood it. I'm still a little freaked out about but what an awesome twist. Kept me on the edge of my seat. I Highly Recommend

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Dancing Away by Karenna Colcroft

Dancing Away
What happens when a bully apologizes? Ballet dancer Merit Hartwick is about to find out. Cole Dellany, the man who broke Merit’s heart with a cruel “joke” the night of their senior prom, has come to town to tell Merit how sorry he is. And to tell him that the dance they shared on prom night wasn’t really a joke. Cole is gay, in the closet, and in love with Merit since high school. Now he’s ready to be honest with Merit about his feelings. Several years have passed, but Merit isn’t sure he can forgive Cole, let alone trust him with his heart

                                                  2.5 STARS

This was just ok for me, I'm not saying it was bad but it just didn't work for me. First off Merit comes across as a snob even though he has plenty of reason to not forgive Cole, he just kinda seems mean to me. Cole on the other hand seems like a good guy but he moves way to fast he knows he's gay but just now wants to up and move to be with Merit after only two weeks of reconnecting.  It felt rushed and maybe with more time on this story I would have liked it but it just went way to fast for me. I just didn't get the characters or their motives I'm sorry didn't like this one.

Laying Down the Lawman (The Soul Collectors #2) by Alex Bowman

Laying Down the Lawman
The Soul Collectors, 2

Sheriff Jason McCall has been entrusted by his community to protect and serve. When dead bodies start littering the morgue, his investigations lead him to a world of creatures he never believed in. Questioning his own sanity, he closes in on the killers, never expecting to be attracted to one of the things that go bump in the night.

Elia comes to the area when he senses a spike in evil energy, knowing the Hell Demon Horde is behind the rash of deaths. When he’s nearly arrested by the local sheriff, he’s tempted to let the sexy lawman put him in cuffs and have his wicked way with him.

Bodies collide as they find solace in each other. Jason’s weary of joining their fight, bound by the oath he gave his neighbors. So, Elia pulls out all the stops to lay down his lawman.

                                                                           4.5 STARS 

I picked this one up because I liked the blurb I'm glad I did, even though this is a second book in a series ( I haven't read the first) I caught on well and never felt like I was missing anything by starting with this one. First thing this book was extremely HOT! holy crap on a cracker I mean WOW it's HOT. Now I will say that even though I got distracted repeatedly by all that HOT male action I enjoyed the storyline as well. These guys have plenty of issues to work out  and I loved how those were resolved Jason & Elia have lots of chemistry between the two but I liked how the talked with each other also. It was an exciting thrill ride of a story and I for one will be looking forward to the next one in this series, I believe we have the couple set up for that one but I'm not positive anyway I still wanna read it. I Recommend

Monday, September 10, 2012

At Piper's Point by Ethan Day

At Piper's Point
Ten years and many boyfriends later, Cassidy Winters finally returns to the ancestral home of his grandmother, Sadie Hart, despite the best efforts of his father to prevent it. Cassidy's plans of a quiet, seaside ceremony to wish a final farewell to Sadie quickly unravel as interruptions run roughshod beginning with Neil who walks out of the ocean and straight into Cassidy’s bed. The dominos topple one by one when the little dog he rescues from the hounds of hell brings him to Ben, the hunky vet who rescues Cassidy right back. News of his arrival spreads faster than Cassidy’s legs, bringing his boyhood friend and first love Nate Sommers to his doorstep – leaving Cassidy spiraling into a multi-layered love snafu. As if the island wasn’t getting crowded enough for Cassidy’s good taste and bad decisions, best friends Ollie and Spencer arrive in time to witness the uninvited return of Cassidy’s most recent ex, Teddy, who’s refusing to stay dumped.

Fists fly and all hell breaks loose amid mojitos and martinis as Cassidy finds himself planning a huge party to celebrate Sadie's life. Accusations are aimed as arguments and libidos boil over, but even through the chaos Cassidy knows exactly what he wants. While he's certainly willing, he isn’t sure if he's ready or able for love and life...
At Pipers Point.

                                                                   5 STARS  

I have to say this was such an enjoyable book I mean I laughed, I cried, I kept wondering if Cassidy & Nate would ever have sex, Yeah it was that awesome of a read Author Ethan Day makes these characters soo easy to fall in love with and it was so hard to think who I wanted Cassidy end up with. There is some major chemistry between Nate & Cassidy but I loved the add in of Neil, Ben and Teddy throw in the comic relief of Ollie & Spencer and this was one fun, wild and hyper ride to which I loved. In At Piper's Point there is some intense emotional battles going on, most of which had me in some serious tissue grabbing. The sex scenes are Hot as Hell and god forbid your mother ever walks in on you getting a blowjob like Nate's does LOL, and the humor is what kept me from putting it down till it was finished, and watching this odd yet loveable bunch of guys become a family grabbed a hold of my heart and wouldn't let go. I won't give to much plot away but if you have want a story that will stay with you and make you smile fondly whenever you think about it I Highly Recommend reading this book.

Chaser by Rick R. Reed

Caden DeSarro is what they call a chubby chaser. He likes his guys with a few extra pounds on them. So when he meets Kevin Dodge in a bar bathroom, he can’t help but stare, even if he does make an ass of himself. As far as Caden is concerned, Kevin is physically perfect: a stocky bearded blond with a dick that’s just right. (They met in the bathroom—of course he looked!) But Caden gets tongue-tied and misses his chance.

When Caden runs into Kevin one night on the El train, he figures it’s fate offering him a second shot. Caden manages to get invited back to Kevin's place for a one-night stand that turns into the kind of relationship he’s dreamed about.

But the course of true love never did run smooth, and Kevin and Caden’s romance is no exception. When Caden returns from a few weeks away on business, Kevin surprises him with a new and “improved” body—one that fits Caden’s shallow friend Bobby’s ideal, not Caden’s. Caden doesn’t know what to do, and his hesitation is just the opportunity Bobby was looking for. This isn’t the same Kevin he fell in love with… is it?

                                                         4.25 STARS 
  This story is a lot harder to rate, I mean I loved it but their were parts I wanted to hate you know? And I really think those parts were just because they may have hit home, we always try to say that it's the inside that counts right? But I think deep down we're all a little vain when it comes to the outside, I'll admit freely that I can be that way too. But the way this story is told captured my attention, Kevin goes from being a little chubby to nicely built and he may have started to want a better body because of Caden but he realizes he is really doing it for himself. Of course he doesn't know that Caden likes him because he's a little plump. I really didn't like the use of the word chubby chaser but I think it was used mainly to get the point across. And I will say when Caden comes back I didn't like the way he treats Kevin at all I would have told him right off the bat to take a flying leap. He's a jerk plain & simple and Kevin deserved better it wasn't until Bobby gets involved that he realizes what he's about to lose. And don't get me started on Bobby he's an asshole all the way around, I truly didn't like his character. This is one of those stories that make you stop and think, it's not a bad thing either I liked it and will definitely be reading more from Rick R Reed. I Recommend 

Jack Colby Back in Action by Dave Benbow

Jack Colby Back in Action
Jack Colby: Back in Action by Dave Benbow is as hot as his previous novel, Summer Cruising. This time we follow rugged Marine Jack Colby as he is called back into military action for a covert operation in the Middle East. Along the way he is pursued by several "straight" hunks who guard their masculinity with their life. But once they meet Jack and fight side-by-side with him, they develop an attraction that can't be denied. The action moves from Hawaii to the Middle East and back to San Francisco as we follow Jack on his mission to save the world...and find love.

                                                            4.25 STARS 

This story was recommended to me because I have a thing for action stories, I have to admit I really liked it. It was definitely action packed, the mystery was exciting and I was surprised by the coupling but I liked it as well. It starts as kinda sad with Jack still grieving his lost love but it gets hyper after he is enlisted to help with a covert operation by his lost love's father. With a "straight" homophobic partner, a middle eastern country going crazy, a almost plane crash this story was soo much fun. I could see this on the big screen it was exciting and nerve wreaking, interesting but sweet to an extent. It's not exactly a romance story but has some serious romantic moments. The name is perfect for this story Jack is definitely Back In Action I Recommend.

Middle Game (Chess #2) by Sean Michael

Middle Game (Chess, #2)
Can Jason be with three amazing men and not lose his heart in the process?

Living with and being the play toy of three men is more rewarding than Jason could have imagined. Bishop, Knight and Rook each have their own way of loving on him. In Bishop he finds a work-out partner, friendship, and good solid lovemaking. He isn’t sure what to make of Knight, but the man is a brilliant artist and there are worse things than being Knight’s subject for his latest series of paintings. And the kinky things Knight does to him blow his mind on a regular basis.

It’s Rook who Jason is falling in love with, though. The bright, loving, sexy man has him head over heels and Jason’s beginning to worry that he’s getting himself in way over his head. Can he continue to be with these men without losing his heart?

                                                                      4.75 STARS    

This is the second book of the Chess series, which I am really enjoying since Sean Michael is the author of one of my top fav Jarhead series I couldn't wait to read this one. I have not been disappointed either, nobody can write a menage or quaid like Sean Michael, it always comes across as seamless even with the issues and trails that each character faces and the issues that they face as a quaid. It's so well written that you focus more on each individual character and how that character relates in this relationship. So instead of feeling like a quaid is unusual you don't really notice that it's not the norm. It can't be easy to fit 4 guys with such different personalities into a relationship and make it work so well but Sean Michael does it easily.

In Middle Game Jason who was brought in to a menage relationship in the first book is realizing that he's in love with Rook but that Rook is in love with Bishop & Knight so his insecurities are coming out. So while they are each dealing with those we also get Knight who has his own freaky reactions that have to be dealt with. We are getting more information on each character Bishop seems to be the main Dominate personality but you can see how much he loves Rook, & Knight and even starting to love Jason so I like his take charge attitude. Knight seems to be a mess but you still get to see not only his fears and stresses but how much he not only depends on Bishop & Rook but how much he really loves them also. Rook is the heart of this quaid his compassion and love is easy to see and he's also the fun one of the bunch. Plus I absolutely love the Chess references, and how funny is it that these guys own a sex toy shop huh?

I truly can't wait to see where this series goes next, I am loving this bunch of guys. So I will Highly Recommend of course it's also Hot as Hell too. (sorry inner perv broke loose again) and again I will say I absolutely love the authors bio at the end the humor there makes me want to read more from Sean Michael.   

Sunday, September 9, 2012

Love, Hypothetically (Theta Alpha Gamma) by Anne Tenino

Love, Hypothetically
Paul's been called many things—graduate student, humanities tutor, jock-hater, even broke—but "forgiving" isn't one of them. When the new women's softball coach at Calapooya college specifically requests Paul to tutor his athletes, Paul's forced to put aside his strict "no athletes" policy for the sake of his paycheck.

Enter Trevor Gardiner, former Major League Baseball player and Paul’s high school boyfriend. Yeah, that one—the guy who sacrificed Paul for the safety of his closet and his future career. But Trevor’s come out and retired from baseball, and now he’s looking for forgiveness and a second chance.

There’s no earthly reason Paul should give him one, but he keeps letting the man state his case. And touch him. And take him sailing. The waters are far from smooth, though, and Paul says awful things to Trevor he isn’t sure he means. Now Paul has to decide: apologize and forgive Trevor for everything, or chalk it up as revenge and move on

                                                                       4.75 STARS 
 I love reading fun books, you know what I'm talking about the ones that leave you laughing 90% of the story. Although this one does have a serious side to it. It's mostly a sweet, funny sexy read that I couldn't put down. Paul wasn't a nice character in Frat Boy & Toppy so I didn't like him much but in this one we understand why he behaves the way he does and I found I really did love his character. I did like the fact that Paul doesn't just change quickly or easily it makes for great drama too. But I found it great that not only does he turn to Toby but even Brad & Sebastian as well plus I get to see one of my favorite couples interact again. I mean Paul has to learn the hardest lesson of all forgive & forget, which is a lot harder to do than some think. I would have liked to understand more to Trevor's character but I loved the chemistry between Trevor & Paul and loved the all the sailing references. I hope we get Toby's story soon I'm really loving this series. I Highly Recommend.


Thursday, September 6, 2012

Blood Lust (My Vampire and I #7) by J.P. Bowie

Blood Lust (My Vampire and I #7)
Book seven in the My Vampire and I Series

A demon assassin is sent to destroy Marcus Verano and his loyal friends - both human and vampire, but his plans are thwarted when he falls under the spell of the blood lust cast by Andrew Berés - vampire.

Tommy Cordain and his vampire lover, Andrew Berés, have been living together for several months. For obvious reasons Tommy has kept his relationship with Andrew as much of a secret as he can, especially among his fellow fire fighters. But when a vengeful demon invades their lives, taking over Tommy’s body and lusting after Andrew, all that changes.

Lord Kardis, the ruler of the Underworld, is out to exact revenge on Marcus Verano and his friends for foiling his plan to take over the world through a demon Pope. He sends Dakar, his right hand man, to kill Marcus and any vampire allied to him, but Dakar’s plans go awry when he meets Andrew and decides to do that which is forbidden - mate with a vampire.

Disgraced, his thoughts of revenge now include Lord Kardis himself, and he raises an army to overthrow Kardis, then defeat Marcus and claim Andrew for his own. But Dakar has reckoned without the combined forces of Tommy and his vampire and human friends who will stop at nothing to defeat Dakar and his demon horde.

                                                               4.75 STARS

I know, I know another series LOL but this is another really good one, I got into this author's stories after reading his Nick Fallon series. And of course being the vampire nut that I am I fell for this series easily, it's well written, the characters are intertwined so that their stories continue and there are some really intense, emotional moments in each book. This story continues from the previous book Blood Lure (book #6) and since it's been a while since I read that one I was afraid I'd be lost Not so. I followed this story easily and didn't feel lost at all. I love that Marcus still plays such a huge part in it and wouldn't mind reading more to this series, it's fascinating, sexy, funny and somewhat emotional but not extremely so. I will Definitely Recommend  it really is a fascinating series.

Some Quick Reviews

Ok I have gotten behind a little but I have read so many great books lately that I don't want to put my Kindle down. So as a way to catch up I'm gonna do a few quick reviews on some of the shorter stories that I have read lately, the ones I like to read right before bedtime so that damn ocd doesn't keep me awake till a book is finished. So here we go some of these were free but not all of them

 Come Cuddle Me by Missy Welsh  4 STARS This was a cute funny story that I wouldn't mind reading more of this couple was hilarious but sooo sweet. Highly Enjoyed

 Feel Me by Jambrea Jo Jones 4 STARS Here was another fun sweet story that I truly enjoyed plus it was free too. Definitely recommended

 Just like in the Movies by Clare London 4.75 STARS This was another frickin' awesome story by Ms. London I really, really wanna read more about this couple, they were funny and a little kooky which I loved  and it was also free. Highly Recommended

 Slippery When Wet by Blaine D Arden 4.25 STARS This story was about a couple that was already together but DAMN it was HOT!!! I'm talking needed a cold shower HOT and it was free too. Definitely Recommended.

 Steamy by Vicktor Alexander 4.5 STARS Holy Hell another extremely HOT book, plus were introduced to a new world that I wouldn't mind reading more of. Although this one also had an emotional storyline that was a little sad but not terribly. Highly Recommended.

 Unbinding the Alpha by Penelope Rivers 4.5 STARS I found this shot story funny, hot and kinda sweet. I really liked the storyline and would have read more easily. Overall it was a fascinating story. Highly Recemmended

Nothing of a Son by LA Witt 4 STARS   where as usually I adore Ms. Witts stories this ok was just okay for me, of course I'm really not a big fan of historical books with the whole threat of being hanged (creeps me out alittle) This one was a cute short story that makes fun of the whole "don't touch my daughters" bit I have to say I liked the irony. Definitely Recommend

Okay thats a bunch for now I've still got a ton of full length books that need to be reviewed and will get my head outta my ass soon promise ; P Till then Happy Reading

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#1 Comfort Series for Me

 I wanted to try something different today, so I thought I would talk about my comfort reads it may turn into something I talk about once a week who knows. I want authors to know that no matter what anyone ever says (myself included) about your work don't ever give up, your books or story may just change someones life. I will be talking about some of those authors who have not only written excellent books but taught me something be it tolerance or acceptance or something crazy like a new drink to try, but when I finished that story left me feeling as though life's not as horrible or cruel as I felt before reading that story.

 Everyone knows I'm nuts over series' right? It's actually kinda funny I really do have ADD which is attention deficient disorder my brain feels like a tv remote constantly turning channels LOL I will change topics and get side tracked repeatedly and a side effect of that is OCD which I may joke about it but is a serious issue I just channel alot of my energy into optimism instead of letting it all pull me down, I was given books at an early age and thats where I pushed a lot of my emotions, concerns etc. I LOVE to read plain and simple, and m/m romance, fiction whatever you want to call it felt like a comfortable place for me to fit. 

I'm a big kid at heart even when I'm being sarcastic (which is often LOL) But when I get to the point that life takes its toll and I want to disappear for awhile to these are the books I go to. My number 1 all time favorite series or character "A Matter of Time" by Mary Calmes I fell head over heels in love with Jory from the first page and couldn't wait to read more about him and his life. I believe that was one of the first stories I ever really stopped to think about so when life sends me a day that I feel like I'm lost in Jory is who I turn to.

There's some much I loved in this series that there is noway I can explain how intensely I adore it. I mean everybody has stresses in life right? I can't be the only one but when life hit's you hard what do you do? Me I like to smile now this series isn't all smiles at times I cried like a baby but the intense emotions that I am always left with when reading  about Jory always leave me feeling better. Mary Calmes has become one of those authors that I automatically buy without reading the blurb because she has earned my trust that I will enjoy her stories they may not end up being my favorite but I can be comforted in knowing I will enjoy the book.

And I just heard Ms. Calmes has another Jory book coming out. SQUEEEE!!!!!! Yeah I'm a fangirl so what? LOL Sorry inner wild child breaks through sometimes. Anyway I truly love this series it such a well written emotional roller coaster love story that I am soo happy to ride along,
Everybody needs an outlet for their emotions mine is simple I like to read and I admit I read alot ( I hide my amazon bill from my hubby or I'd need a good divorce attorney LOL) and my poor kindle is about worn out. So if you get time and read this let me know what some of your comfort reads are, I'm always willing to read new books. And next week I'll talk about another series that brings me joy and if but some goofy chance that you haven't read "A Matter of Time" go buy it I'm sure you won't regret it. It's an excellent story that is movie worthy

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Alexi's King (Pride Valley) by Lynn Hagen

Alexi's King (Pride Valley #1)

Running for their lives from their angry wolf pack, Alexi and his three best friends stumble into a cave in the forbidden forest. Hungry, soaked to the bone, and frightened, they wander deep into the earth. What they find shocks them.

Alexi and his friends walk through a glowing door to find themselves in a world of plush green grass and sunny skies, something they haven't witnessed in a very long time. But when they are surrounded by a pride of lion shifters, Alexi wonders if walking through that door was the smartest move.

Especially when Lansing, the king of the pride, tells the wolf shifters they are four thousand years into the future, and nothing but lion shifters rule the earth. And the king has special plans for Alexi, plans that make Alexi wonder if he's stepped into a dream or a nightmare.

Not all of the lions are happy that the wolves have arrived in their world. One in particular plans to kill the wolves, along with the king. Can Lansing stop the culprit from taking Alexi’s life, or will his pride feel Lansing’s mighty roar when Alexi is targeted for death

                                                                          4.5 STARS 

This new series I really liked it took me a few pages to get where it was going, but I loved it when I got there. I mean a future world where only Lion shifters remain o_0 Yeah I was fascinated. I liked the mc's in this story but honestly it was Fjord and Katron that stole this story for me. It was great world building as I have come to expect with an Lynn Hagen book and I got immediately lost in this amazing future world but didn't feel it took anything away form the love story which was just as exciting. Lansing is used to getting his way as King of his pride so when little spitfire Alexi literally walks through the door Lansing looses his heart right off the bat and yeah their are major laugh my ass off moments a lot actually but some really sweet and beautiful ones too. I can't wait to see where the next book in this series takes me since one of my all time favorites is her Brac pack series to which I also can't wait to read the next one I'm looking forward to this new interesting world. I recommend

Bewitched by Their Mate (Feral #1) by Scarlet Hyacinth

Bewitched by Their Mate (Feral #1)
When witch Hewitt Moore helped his friends, the spirit wolves, he didn’t realize his assistance would draw unwanted attention to him. He becomes the target of the ferals, but Hewitt is completely capable of defending his life. He cannot, however, protect his heart. Not when he finds love in the most unlikely way.

Devon Saunders and Mason Kale are ferals, banished by their own kind after losing themselves to their beast. When chance leads them to Hewitt, and each other, both men are shocked. Ferals don’t have mates, and they hate their own kind with a passion.

However, their explosive connection cannot be denied. Fearing what their wild nature might do to Hewitt, the two ferals agree to cooperate with the spirit wolves. But there are more dangerous things in the world than ferals. When Hewitt is kidnapped by mysterious creatures, it will be up to Devon and Mason to rescue their mate.

                                                            4 STARS 

This was a really good start to a new spin-off of the Spirit Wolves series which this one goes in the other directions for the Ferals. I enjoyed getting to know the Devon & Mason and how they became that way, they've also kept their sanity without becoming complete monsters. The way they all meet is hilarious and exciting all in one, I'm not sure I get where this story is going yet but I know I will be continuing to read this series. It's an exciting, but sweet love story between 2 ferals and a witch who is Hewitt. I recommend