Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Craziness & A Blog that made a Difference

Ok guys, I know I've been lazy but I promise I have been reading and I have to say I've read some really awesome books lately. The family Thanksgiving was shall we say interesting starting with this is the first time I have ever cooked a turkey and yes it will be my last I will either buy one already finished or delegate the duty next year it was gross that is all I'm gonna say about it and dammit it takes way to long to bake a 20lb turkey, next on my fun list was my know it all sister who decided if you turn up the oven really high it'll bake the rolls faster now my sister is 14 yrs older than me I'm 41 so apparently that is supposed to make her smarter ummmm...not...anyway after almost catching the house on fire and having to push her out of my kitchen to which she spent the entire day pouting about, and of course her husband conveniently decided he needed to go somewhere else so she tried to make everything else that day into a drama...sigh...yeah this is my family there are times I wish I had been adopted that would explain the differences between us. My mom who swears that just about everything will send you to hell luckily settles down to talk with her brother who showed up out of nowhere o_0   there were 35 people that showed up I mean nieces and nephews that I haven't seen in 20yrs showed was ok luckily I like to cook cause we had plenty of food. Then came the lovely drama of my niece whose pregnant with a child that is not her soon to be husbands the husband I adore the boyfriend I can't stand I'm thankful he didn't show. So that was an all around fun experience I could go into all the craziness that ensued but if you have ever watched Christmas Vacation you would swear that we were the Griswolds Yeah its that nutty and of course me, my sarcasm and my glass half full attitude just seems to egg it on LOL  all I can say is bring on Christmas I'm ready for it!!

I will be doing some very quick reviews because I have like 50 books I need to review (I told you I read really fast) so I will be getting to that but I have to comment on a blog I read today Mary Calmes' blog I so got her this morning after my good old fashion fun filled family Thanksgiving I feel as though I can relate then I realized that holy crap on a cracker thats almost my everyday. I have to have a sense of humor because if I didn't then the shit that happens in my life would probably bury me. I mean I have three kids my oldest had scoliosis and had to have severe back surgery but now she is doing great so I'm ok with that my middle son is almost 13 and was finally diagnosed with autism and tourette's and we have had a struggle with getting his home life and school life even close to settled add in the fact that he's going through puberty and just realized what his wee wee is for and I can say it's been an interesting month, my youngest has serve asthma and food allergies like if she even takes a drink of milk I have to get the epi pen...yeah it's bad... but I also try to teach them that everyone on earth has shit to deal with what matters is how we handle any situation we are handed. Now I need to tell you the main reason that Ms. Calmes blog motivated me today see about 2 yrs ago I read a story she wrote and her character really changed the way I view the world...Jory is always optimistic even when his world falls apart I was so inspired by his attitude that I started to adopt it as well. My husband noticed it first see I was raised in an extremely negative family (see above) and was always taught it won't get better but I think maybe I finally grew up or grew a pair maybe. Because I realized if I didn't break this cycle of negativity then it's just gonna trickle down to my kids and become a never ending cycle. So thats what I have done, I want my kids to see that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and be who you are no matter who might not agree. Life is short so make the most of it and smile you just may inspire another to smile too. And Ms. Calmes I wanna thank you again for writing such an inspiring character and to know that you have made a difference in someones life. Okay I will end now since this has gone on for awhile and Authors if you read this please know that when you write your stories they do make a difference Don't give up keep writing and I'll keep reading.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What the hell was I thinking?

What the hell was I thinking? That's what I keep saying to myself this morning...see I have a very hard time saying no when people ask me to do things like this year host the family Thanksgiving dinner now usually its only about 10 of us at this dinner so I said sure why not. I'm a complete dumbass for sure cuz this year there will be at least 25 people if not more here. HUH? ok with me & hubby we have 3 kids all under 15 then we have hubby's mom since hubby's dad passed away last month then we have hubby's creepy brother who is 41 lives at home and is seriously creepy...shudders...add in his elderly aunt and that's it for his onto my nutty family tree...we have my mom whose almost 80 and very religious and has an opinion on everything she's also a hypochondriac I swear if she see's it on the news or one of her brothers has it she swears she does no shit about a year ago she wanted me to call and make her an appointment for the doctor because she thought something was wrong with her prostate. So being the loving daughter that I am sat there completely snicker free as her doc told her she couldn't have a prostate....I am a good daughter ok so I lost it but I mean come on it was just to easy...anyway then we have my much older sister whose 15yrs older than me and her much much older than her husband who can't hear anything you say to him unless your yelling, my alcoholic brother who acts as though he's 16 instead of 51 my cousin and her bunch who I haven't seen for awhile and my pregnant niece now here's where it gets fun my niece's soon to be ex(not the baby's daddy) is also coming along with his dad and my great nephew whom I adore and spoil. Now this is such a strange situation I have no idea how it's gonna work I told my niece she couldn't bring said boyfriend because I really don't like him he's not a good guy he's abusive and won't allow her to be with her 4yr old son now I blame my niece for that but she's apparently  an idiot cuz  nobody could make me not want to be with my kids I don't care if his dick was made of gold...but she has and I've told her that her ex is coming too so this is gonna be fun. Also hubby's creepy brother once dated my niece I swear this is better that a soap opera I post after Thanksgiving and let you know how crazy it gets LOL

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Damn you Youtube for being so Distracting

Sorry guys for being away I have been reading but I also got distracted by youtube LOL which you  guys know is soo easy to do. And Dammit if I didn't follow up on a tweet by an Author that I follow and look up Sterek (Yeah you guys know who I'm talking about Don't ya) it's a show on MTV called Teen Wolf now I hate to give away my age but Darn it I actually remember the original movie with Michael J Fox and Jason Bateman in it. Yes I now feel old LOL but anyway I started watching what I believe is slash fiction but I'm not sure of the terminology it's like fan fiction but in video right? well after watching a million video's ok maybe only a couple thousand I feel for this slash couple we got Stiles who I think makes the entire show I love this guy he's so funny then there's Derek the bad ass werewolf. So I had to (my OCD kicked in) go watch the entire 2 seasons in 3 days I gotta admit it pretty damn good and I will be adding it to my TV lineup when season 3 comes out. Youtube is such a great source for finding knew things it's actually how I found gay romance so intriguing and became fascinated with it. I was looking for a drama to the song by Lifehouse Everything and put in Christian and everything and up popped Chrolli whose my absolutely favorite gay soap couple, I watched and honestly it changed my life I not only realized that I was being taught to not accept but that it was wrong. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but i believe thats wrong it took me almost 40 yrs to grow up and think for myself not what my family or church believed and now I can teach my kids to accept and appreciate the differences in people. I then found m/m fiction and my love for reading just feel into place. of course I won't lie two guys together is Hot as Hell and I totally enjoy watching (Damn inner perv got out again) but guys do it all the time right? so What's wrong with me liking it besides my hubby doesn't mind and he kinda reaps the rewards from it LOL Well I gotta get going but if you haven't checked out the new Teen Wolf do so it was exciting and very entertaining besides there are some totally Hot guys in it which just makes it better LOL I'm off to actually get some of my 200 books on my to read list done Later peeps!

Thursday, November 8, 2012

More than Pride (Supernatural Mates #6) by Amber Kell

More than Pride (Supernatural Mates #6)
Book six in the Supernatural Mates Series

Some lions need two mates to soothe the savage beast.

After watching the happiness his fellow pride mates found with their matches, Dillon longs for a mate of his own. Unfortunately the perfect mate doesn’t just fall from the sky...or does he? Trouble gets stirred up when bird and feline breeds mix together. Chester came to the pride house to infiltrate their tight-knit group. Will he endanger his life and that of his family in the name of love? And will Evin be able to leave the owl shifters in his crazy brother’s hands as the owls seek to take over pride territory?

Intrigue, betrayal and hot men finding true love—when lovers cast aside their personal problems, they find they have more than pride to keep them together.

                                                                 4.5 STARS

Book six in the Supernatural Mates series, I had had this in my to read list for a while and honestly must have overlooked it because I never can put off an Amber Kell story so I was surprised to find I had overlooked it but loved it just the same. I know I'm a sucker for series' but I really like to get glimpses of previous characters while getting to know a new one too.  This one was cute since Dillon is a Lion shifter and he's mated to an owl and a tabby cat I found this story fun and exciting all at once so I recommend.

Torched (Hellesgate #1) by Chloe Stow

Torched (Hellesgate, #1)
A house burns on the stark Kansas horizon...

Its flames make a New York businessman abandon the back road in hopes of helping, in hopes of being the hero instead of the villain for once...

His nerve is immediately tested as he witnesses a man run into the inferno. As the New Yorker risks all to save the stranger, his life becomes forever embroiled in both a madman's deadly game of fire and revenge, and a soldier's fight not only to save his family but to save his own soul...

The New Yorker is thirty-two-year-old Matthew Archer. He is a hard man to like, a harder man still to love. Few in the world make an effort at either.

The soldier is twenty-six-year-old Cane Summerfield. He is a hero, a man who gave up his independence to defend his country.

The men are two strong, fierce personalities, from backgrounds as different as heaven and hell. They should never have met, let alone fallen in love... but theirs is a story of Fate riding in on the coattails of sin.

Theirs is a story borne of fire...

                                                                          4.25 STARS

This story had me very confused at the beginning but their was just something about it that had me totally fascinated and I couldn't put it down. Eventually I began to get into this odd couple that took me by surprise, there is some major drama and I mean weird shit drama too, not just relationship stuff although there is that in there too. Matt & Cane are such a strange couple it's definitely an opposites attract kinda story and it's a fast love story too. But I'm so glad I bought it and I didn't realize that there are more in between this one and the one I already bought but I may just read it anyway and pick up the others later I really liked this story even with it's strange moments you can see these two falling in love and I enjoyed that. I recommend

From This Moment (Moonlight Breed #7) by Gabrielle Evans

From This Moment (Moonlight Breed #7)
With their scents almost as identical as their appearances, Cian Murphy can’t be certain which twin is his mate. He’s inexplicably drawn to Zavion, but if he chooses wrong, the consequences could be devastating for everyone involved.

Cian haunts his every thought, but Zavion doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s all but thrown himself at the man, yet Cian doesn’t seem to return his interest. Being just friends is better than nothing, but Zavion still can’t help but want a whole lot more.

Clearing up misunderstandings is only the start of their problems, though. With the tracking chip in Zavion’s neck slowly leaking a lethal poison, the clock is ticking to find a cure. Unfortunately, the only known antidote rests with The Hive.

Can Cian find the elusive lab before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to watch as his newfound mate wastes away to nothing

                                                               4 STARS

This book seven in the Moonlight Breed series which I happen to love, the characters may all have their own story but it always makes you feel like it's more about a family of characters. Each one I have read so far has left me smiling and wanting to read more about these intriguing characters, and it's no different with this one Cian we've met in previous books his mate is one of the two twins but he can't tell which one since their always together. Zavion has wanted Cian since they met but didn't think he could get Cian's attention. It's a fun thrill ride to save not only Zavion's life but also his twins. I recommend

Beneath the Surface by Kate Sherwood

Beneath the Surface
When Peter Carr’s company sends him to Southwestern Ontario to sweet-talk the town into agreeing to a gravel quarry proposal, he welcomes the challenge. Technically he’s a lawyer, but really he’s a problemsolver. He just never expected the problem to be Caleb Sinclair, the passionate but introverted artisan carpenter who lives next to the proposed quarry site.

“Know your enemy.” That’s Caleb’s philosophy. And trying to turn fertile farmland into a gravel pit earns Peter the title of “enemy.” Caleb loves that land, and if he has to make peace with his homophobic neighbors to make war on Peter, so be it. Except knowing his enemy doesn’t turn out anything like he expected. Peter’s not the fairy-tale monster—he just might be the first step to happy ever after.

                                                                      4.25 STARS

This is my first book by this author, I gotta say I really liked it and will definitely be reading more. The plotline was very interesting even though you could see the bad guy pretty early on it was still very fascinating. The romance/love story was even more interesting since Peter & Caleb are on opposite sides of this gravel pit debate, you could read the chemistry between the two very easily. I liked how they both tried so hard to keep the gravel pit out of their attraction to each other and how the town that pretty much shunned Caleb when he came out, comes to him for help when push comes to shove. And absolutely loved Caleb's best friend Matt, this was a very interesting story that kept me wanting to see what else would happen next. I recommend  

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes by Amylea Lyn

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes
An abandoned farmhouse and murder long forgotten. A ghost yearning for truth and a man haunted by his past. Joined by a mystery only solved if unlikely lovers learn to listen for whispered secrets and watch for hidden eyes.

Daren O'Connor, a disgraced police officer, seeks solace in a different town, but his new farmhouse is steeped in mystery. A murder victim haunts Daren's every waking moment, begging for help. Daren feels drawn to the ghost, but can he help the soul find peace?

Shinjiro "Toby" Anderson has been crying out in silence. His spirit wanders his old home, trapped until his murder is resolved. All seemed hopeless until a handsome stranger moves in. Could this man help him cross over to the other side?

As they delve deeper, they discover powerful, unexpected feelings. Can the unlikely pair discover how a man and ghost can be together before the men responsible for Toby's death make Daren a target?

                                                                    3.75 STARS

This was an interesting story,  I will admit it was a little creepy but since it was read around Halloween it kinda worked for me. Daren buys a farmhouse that ends up haunted by Toby, and thats just the start of the freaky shit LOL. Toby's character just broke my heart he went through something horrible and seems to relive it over again & again. Only thing that made me  somewhat squeamish Daren & Toby having sex since Toby's a ghost a little too creepy for me but it did come across as a sweet love story with the mystery of Toby's death being solved really sad too. But the ending was interesting. I recommend

Thursday, November 1, 2012

Second Chances (Elite Force #1) by Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn

Second Chances
"Make sure he is well taken care of" are words Lieutenant Ryan Devries will live to regret. He is shocked to see Kurt Ackerman's name among the hardened criminals he is assigned to bring in for questioning, especially since he knows the man intimately.

Tracking Kurt down and bringing him in is the easy part. Forgetting the look of betrayal on his former lover's face is hard as hell, especially when Ryan’s message for Kurt to be taken care of is used against him by a sadistic officer out to torture Kurt.

Kurt was running for his life. When the man that left him after one night of bliss turns him in, Kurt never expects to survive, let alone see Ryan again. When Ryan is ordered to return Kurt to his home planet, the furthest thing on his mind is hooking up again. But forgetting Ryan may be the hardest thing Kurt has ever tried to do, especially when Ryan won't take no for an answer.

Chasing down the men on their most wanted list, Ryan soon discovers that not only is winning back Kurt’s trust an almost impossible mission, but so is the task of stopping the Onyx from hurling past End of the Line and into the unknown

                                                                        4.75 STARS

This is a spin-off of the Lady Blue Crew series by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen which I totally loved, so I was really excited to see these two awesome authors together to write another series. And I was not surprised at how much I truly did like this one since this is the first book in this new series I can't wait for more at first I didn't really like Ryan but once he see's what he has caused I really liked the change in him and Kurt was just so funny and sweet I mean the poor guy has the worst luck of anyone I have every read about maybe that why I just loved him so much. And god the crew is effing nuts but I can't wait to read their stories, and it wasn't just a mate story since Ryan doesn't even know that their mates. It's really an exciting fast paced thrill ride that I'm sure will get even more thrilling with each new book, I Recommend

Craving (MIA Case Files #3) by K.C. Burn

Craving (MIA Case Files, #3)
On a mission tracking down werewolves, a mishap disables Agent Brandon Ellison, rendering him unfit for field duty. Unable to deal with the repercussions of the accident, Brandon moves away and Oliver Cardoso not only loses his partner, but his lover. Years later, when Brandon returns as head of MIA’s Research and Development team, the hurt, guilt and blame fester into jealousy and professional rivalry, making working together almost impossible.

When an equipment failure almost kills Oliver, it appears as though Brandon’s executing some sort of revenge. Determined to find out the truth, Brandon invites himself along on his first mission in years, with Oliver and his new partner. With an elusive portal and the Umbrae creating a previously unknown creature, hundreds of lives, including Oliver’s, are at stake. Although their attraction hasn’t waned in the intervening years, putting aside their differences creates a potentially fatal distraction and falling in love again might destroy them both.

                                                               4.5 STARS

This was my first book in this series, and honestly I wish I had read those first just to understand the world at little better although the romance/love story could easily be read as a stand alone the action/drama part was a little harder to understand without reading the first two books. I will be  buying those and I do want to read more to this story it's a very fascinating world but I really liked the attention that was taken in getting to know both MC's and what was going through their minds and besides the sex scenes were off the freakin' self...I mean holy shit in the elevator...Wow Ok inner perv's done now. Once I got a little more info about the action plot line the characters took center stage Brandon was so adorable trying to hide his hearing aids from everyone including the man who was the cause of the reason for wearing them Oliver and he just cracked me up I swear he was mainly a horn dog through out this book but he becomes so sweet and protective of Brandon once their working the same case. I really enjoyed this relationship and like I said once I am more comfortable with the world I'm sure I will read it again and enjoy it even more. I Recommend

Lust & Wrath (Anything Goes #3) by Joyee Flynn

Lust & Wrath (Anything Goes, #3)
After Alex's betrayal, Mick wants to die from his broken heart and the guilt he feels for what Alex did. Beck can’t stand to see the man he loves blame himself for Alex’s actions. He tries to do everything he can to help Mick, but when Beck admits he’s loved Mick for years, it’s too much pressure for Mick’s fragile psyche.

Mick decides that what he needs is to distance himself from the memories and pressure. Instead, he buries himself in the new club and getting it on track to open on time. Except nothing goes as planned, and when Beck, after having quit his job as head of security for the club, is in trouble, he drops everything to help his friend.

Beck has a condition of his own before he’ll come back to work. Can Mick put his issues away and give Beck what he needs

                                                                   4.5 STARS

This is the third book in the Anything Goes series, the other two I had read a while back and really enjoyed so when I saw that Ms. Flynn was gonna write more for this series I was bouncing off walls. I had been waiting for Mick's story since the very first book, I wasn't disappointed either I mean I think it has to be hard to write a character that has been almost destroyed by betrayal and then have them not only learn to heal but to find love again. I liked that even though Mick was a Dom and a powerful Lust Demon he was also fragile in a way and insecure, he carries so much guilt but he also had his heart broken too. Beck has been in love with Mick for years and watched him go through guy after guy while secretly yearning for Mick, so when Mick's life falls apart Beck tries to hold him together. I really enjoyed reading this one and have already bought the next one in this series, I Recommend