Wednesday, January 30, 2013

A Couple More Reviews for Ya

Like I said I have read a lot lately, and while I may have loved the story of some books I have noticed some pretty bad (and I mean) bad editing it's not even the stories really it's simple things like switching the characters names like one will be doing something and the other answers "Sam whispered in Sams ear" Just a generic made up sentence but you get what I'm talking about right?  And then I will have to go back and make sure I didn't mix them up And once or twice doesn't bother me I mean hell I do it all the time Damn Autocorrect  LOL Around Christmas was the worst I don't know if everybody was in a rush to get out the holiday stories or what but if I spend more than three bucks for an ebook and if around the fifth time in the first chapter I will just stop reading and then I get frustrated which makes me leary of reading or buying books by that author which has happened recently one author that I would buy their books as soon as they were out I now wait to see if any other reviewer complains first before I buy it. Of course I also pay attention the who publishes it too, and I will just stop buying from that publishing house if I keep reading crappy editing. I love to read so I don't mind buying books but watch the editing please it can sometimes not always but sometimes reflects poorly on that author. Now that I'm done complaining sorry that damn ocd acts up sometimes LOL I will get to some stories that didn't have bad editing and that I enjoyed reading:

THE LAWMAN'S LIBRARIAN by Rebecca Brochu *5 STARS I loved this romantic comedy, it was funny and just a little sappy sweet but I adored it. Nick & Peter where just so cute and poor Nick he was fricking hilarious if you want a fun but sexy story you'll like this one I felt like the characters had great chemistry even with the shorter story I could easily picture them.

FIFTEEN SHADES OF GAY(FOR PAY) by T. Baggins *5 STARS I was totally surprised by this book I honestly thought it wouldn't be a serious story and even though it has some humor it was a beautiful and sometimes intense story. I Loved it Andrew has so much stuff to deal with and he just tugged at my heart strings so many times I wanted to just hug this character. Cormac took me a little bit longer to like but honestly this story was Awesome, I'm so glad I took the chance to pick it up. This is another example of good blurb writing it fit the story and didn't make me think it was gonna be nothing but major angst or a fluff piece. This is a must read it just is that good!

Now onto some Christmas stories hehe: I liked most of these mainly because they made me smile, not much angst but lots of love and sweet stuff (Yeah even inner perv gets sappy sometimes)

TIS THE SEASON by Lisa Worrall  *4.75 STARS An adorable sweet story I enjoyed this one

JUST ASK by Mia Downing *4.75 STARS If I see a story on Amazon Best Selling chart that has been on there like over a month or longer and I don't have it yet that usually tells me there's something there that others are enjoying so my ocd kicks in and I have to buy it. This story is one of those moments and I'm really glad that I read it it's a really great story that I sincerely enjoyed and will read more from this author definitely

WISH LIST by KA Mitchell *5 STARS Not only was this a great Holiday story but it was a flipping KA Mitchell book Damn right it was Awesome!! Definitely a gotta read now story

NEW YORK CHRISTMAS by RJ Scott *5 STARS I loved this second chance Christmas story, so much emotion and beauty in a short story that I wanted to read more. I loved this couple and seriously wanted more.

THERE'S NO PLACE LIKE HOME by Shawn Lane *4.5 STARS another sweet holiday story that I enjoyed

Okay folks that's a wrap for me right now hopefully I'll get my lazy butt in gear and type up some more so later peeps and Happy Reading!!

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Few Quickie Book Reviews and An Update!!!!

Okay first I finally got to talk to the superintendent of elementary school, nice lady actually listened and was visibly concerned especially after I showed both report cards and where the grade was changed that was last Tuesday. Today (after they rescheduled twice) met with principal, teacher, asst principal and guidance counselor first off it was at 8am this morning so I had to take my little one with me, her teacher parked beside us and my little one hid in the floor board when I asked what she was doing she said he would be mad at her because I went to the principal about him. Yeah that didn't go over well with me at all, so anyway went to this meeting nobody could tell me why her grade was changed or if her grades were the only students that was. I felt this teacher was very defensive to me, trying to come up with an excuse like that she was easily distracted or doesn't have a lot of male influence (since hubby works away during the week o_0 ) What does that have to do with her grades being changed? We are having her moved from his class which is what the superintendent recommended but still no one gave me a reason as to why her grade was changed ARGHHHH!!!! Yes I am frustrated I'm trying to figure out who I need to go to next or what our next step should be? We just want our child to have a good education without being in fear especially from an adult who we teach our children that they should trust. Any suggestions are welcome

Okay now that I have vented... whew...I feel better best thing about a blog great place to rant LOL anyway on to some quickie reviews.

MORE THAN HUMAN (Urban Affairs 3) by Gale Stanley  *4.5 STARS I really like series' and this one does a really good job of pulling me further into this "world" I really enjoyed it plus it's HOT as hell (yeah I likey) I became fascinated with the first story in this series and have enjoyed the two following books I also have the next couple on my to read list still.

IN A STRANGER'S EYES (Haven 7) by Gabrielle Evans  *4.5 STARS Another likey for me of course I'm a series' nut but I like feeling like these characters have become family and continue reading about them even as secondary characters another fun & exciting series you gotta pick up

SONG OF OESTEND by Marie Sexton  *5 STARS  Now I have to say this book scared the beejesus outta me and thats saying something considering I read Carrie at the age of 5, the story grips you from the beginning and I swear it doesn't let go till the end if even then I read this like 2 months ago and can still get chills no kidding but it's not a horror story not really its a love story but totally and completely fascinating I just have to recommend this book IT"S A MUST READ

TOO STUPID TO LIVE by Anne Tenino  *5 STARS This is part of the WhiteRock series which you can get the first 2 books from for free!!! I love free books LOL anyhow I had reviewed both a while back and totally loved them, this one just added to my joy. There were times alot of them actually where I wanted to just smack Sam for the tstl comments but loved him just the same, also thought it was great that it took a whole different twist we'll say than I expected near the ending I really liked it though and can't wait for the next one. It's gonna make me nuts till I find out who the main characters are LOL It's another gotta read

I'm gonna go for now but I will be back...gotta go buy more books (shhh don't tell my hubby) and Happy Reading!

Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Couple of Quickies and an Update

Ok for all of you who have been so encouraging with the ordeal I'm trying to take care of with my daughter, I'm meeting with the Superintendent on Friday I'll keep ya abreast of what happens. And Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragement.

Ok now I mentioned before that I got money for Christmas right? well I have bought sooo many ebooks that I now have to remove some from my Kindle LOL no kidding Thank goodness that I read really fast because I have a ton to review, I had been in the Christmas mood last month bought a bunch of Holiday stories cause most were sappy too AWWWW....What can I say I have weird moods I love the fact that no matter what kind of mood I'm in I usually have a few Authors that I know won't disappoint me in if I want a good emotional, heart ripping, cry it all out story I look to an Amy Lane book or if I'm in the mood for HEA with paranormal I can read a Stormy Glenn or Lynn Hagen or Jana Downs, and then sometimes I just want smut, you know down & dirty with very little storyline but lots of sex (hubby really likes it when inner perv gets loose) There are just too many of my favorite Authors on my reading list to name I love books plain and simple so when asked what I wanted for Christmas I told everyone books nothing else just books. I'm glad I got them too now if only i would actually review them instead of jumping to read the next one...shrugs...what can I say I've been a little lazy lately LOL But I promise to try and do better because I have read some absolutely wonderful stories recently and hope you will check them out too. Ok a few quickies for you

GOING UNDER by Lisa Worrall   *4.5 STARS honestly this story scared the beejesus  out me I mean it was great don't get me wrong but totally freaked my ass out you gotta check it out.

BEYOND HONOR by Tyler Robbins  *4.75 STARS this story was really gripping and intense and I absolutely loved it I think you should run out and pick this one up like now it was so worth it.

THE OTHER GUY by Cary Atwell  *4.5 STARS I really enjoyed this story even without the sex scenes (I know I'm shocked at myself too LOL) but still a really good emotional read

WHAT ABOUT HIM by E.E. Montgomery  *4.75 STARS I had read some not great reviews for this one but I gotta say I loved it, goes to show that everybody can have a difference of opinion but I thought this one was really good

NEEDING A LITTLE CHRISTMAS by Silvia Violet  *4.75 STARS one of the best holiday stories I read this year truly a feel good story I enjoyed this story a lot.

Ok I'll stop for now but hopefully will be back for another couple of quickies later today. Happy reading peeps

Monday, January 14, 2013

What to do when the Teacher is the one being a Bully?

Sorry Guys I know I have been away for awhile with Christmas, the flu and the current situation with my youngest going on I've been a little lost, I have been reading though : D I got like $400 from hubby for my Christmas gift and spent all of it on Ebooks no kidding!

Anyway let me get to why I am asking for help my youngest is 9 and in 3rd grade, this is the one that wants to be a doctor she also has food allergies to the point that if she eats or drinks anything with milk or dairy products in it she'll go into anaphylatic shock (We carry Epi Pens with us) she also has Asthma and wears a Medical alert bracelet I tell you all this so you'll get a sense of this really cool kid because she's incredibly smart too She decided that she wanted to be a Doctor when she was around 5 when her Asthma started to get worse she even asked for a real stethoscope and blood pressure cuff (not a toy one mom, she told me rolling her eyes) for Christmas. So here's my problem it started about a month after school did this kid who couldn't wait to go to school before started crying and begging me in the mornings not to send her it took me a while to get it out of her what was wrong, when I did it was that her teacher was yelling at her and saying stuff like your not smart enough to be a doctor, your boots are ridiculous (her favorite comfort cowboy boots), is there something wrong in your head, that was just all I could get out of her. So of course I went to the Principal who asked me to give her a couple days to get to the bottom of it, I did that. My Hubby and I went back two weeks later (this was in November) the Principal said she couldn't find anything wrong with the teacher but brought up some other suggestions one: to move her away from what is considered a bad influence child (HUH?) Yeah I didn't get that either and two: my child should be seen by a doctor that maybe she needed to be medicated for Anxiety. No that did not go over well with me I don't believe a pill to calm a child is the way to go she's fine everywhere else but at school
Since the holidays were wild and crazy as always I didn't push it but never heard back from the Principal either. Yesterday I got her second report card this child who always made straight A's is now all C's and a D I check her planner everyday and any homework has been done so I know it's not that This Teacher also has my phone number and email if they were concerned about her work, I have heard nothing. My child also reads on a 6th grade level (she's a reader like me) so why are grades dropping my personal opinion is the Teacher is mad that I complained.
I have had other friends who happen to work there tell me that he'll make comments or actually make fun of my  child when it's just teachers around. I'm really struggling with this because 1: I'm a parent of course I wanna come to her rescue 2: it makes me angry that I can't get anyone to listen 3: I thought we were trying to stop bullying not allow adults who should know better confuse and humiliate students

I haven't just assumed my child is perfect either I mean I have to work with this kid on math which she is struggling with, but I feel as though I'm getting nowhere so What do I do? Please help I'm afraid that it's getting worse