Monday, July 15, 2013


Yes as the title says I am now really getting into audible books, it started simple enough with talking to people on Tumblr (yeah still hooked on that one too) and even though I have already read all the Cut & Run series books I kept hearing others comment on the audios so I decided to try them. Honestly the first two were just ok the guys voice just didn't work for me but you know me and my OCD I had to get the rest of them LOL the 3rd holy crap on a cracker....this guy I think his name is Sean Crisden....I mean when he does Zane's voice it made me shiver....btw my hubby would like to thank you Mr. Crisden....unfortunately there are only 5 of the books out on audio so I have decided to get a few more of my favorite books on audio to try so I picked up of course A Matter of Time set and a few Josh Lanyon to try too. I'm still reading also and I decided to clean out my Kindle I mean it had 2500 plus books on it I really needed to make some space which is kinda hard for a person like me with OCD we tend to not want to let things go but some of the books I bought were nice but not favorites I'm letting go I need more room for more books LOL If you've got a favorite Audio books drop me a line, Keep Reading and I talk to ya later....I gotta let you know how my crazy family dealt with our reunion it was funny as hell and on the same day my oldest turned 16 so highjinks ensued. Alright now I'm off to clean the house some before Sterek oh I mean Teen Wolf comes on tonight LOL bye bye!

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