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Worlds Collide by R.J. Scott, Brad's Bachelor Party by River Jaymes & Love Me Back to Life by M.L. Rhodes

Worlds Collide (Sanctuary #7)
It is the day after New Years and Dale is en route back to Albany in a private jet with Emily Bullen. She is coming back home after turning states evidence on her husband Senator Thomas Bullen.

What no one factored in, not Sanctuary or the FBI, was the lengths Griffin Ryland would go to in the effort to protect himself.

Joseph finds out Dale is in trouble and it is only with the help of his team of SEALs that he can make sure Dale is safe and that Griffin Ryland can't cause any more trouble.

A snowy New Years, a deserted airport and a hostage situation with people already dead and suddenly the worlds of Sanctuary and the SEALs collide, with terrifying consequences.

Then, two weeks alone at a resort, falling deeper in love leave the two men with decisions to make and suddenly there is the chance to make forever a possibility.

                                                                        *5 STARS*

Book seven of the Sanctuary series is without a doubt my favorite so far, Joe & Dale were my favorites way back in book #2 and I admit I was not happy about the way that book ended I really wanted a HEA for these two. So imagine my surprise when we get their story continued and it was wonderful mainly because we got to spend a great deal of time on their emotions, feelings and just getting to know them and yes the sex is super HOT!! too...... I loved that I could still feel their chemistry even after 5 different couple books it was still intense and viable, we also get more info on the action storyline but it didn't takeover the story just brought us to the deep emotions that make up this couple. The each have their fears and concerns to deal with but I really enjoyed how they each work through them before they even we'll say bring it to the table with each other. That being said I thoroughly LOVED Joe & Dale's story I will be rereading this one again and again. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.
Brad's Bachelor Party

In college, geeky med student Cole Winston fell for his best friend, Brad Kelly. The bold, brash charmer was everything Cole wasn't: confident, popular, and straight. Unfortunately Cole's secret blew up in his face, and he walked away.

Years later, when Brad needs help, he calls Cole. Now a respected trauma surgeon, Cole has learned not to risk his heart and is ready to be Brad's friend again. Things go well until Brad asks Cole to be his best man.

With both his parents dead, Brad never would have survived college or his brother's rounds of drug rehab without Cole. The five-year gap in their friendship was painful.

Now Brad's got his best friend back, a kick-ass job, and is engaged to the CEO's daughter. Life is great…until a hot encounter at his bachelor party leaves both men reeling. The sexual tension between the two is off the charts. Brad has commitments he needs to keep, but how can he go through with the wedding when he can't stop thinking about Cole?

And how can Cole stand beside his friend and watch him get married, especially now that he realizes he still loves Brad?

                                                   *5 STARS* 

This was another surprising 5 star read for me, I only have my OCD to blame for that. If I see a book on Amazon best selling list and its been there for a week or two in the top 20 I become very curious and then I read the reviews Yeah I know most of the time the reviews are all bullshit or just petty assholes but this books reviews intrigued me so I bought it. Damn I am so glad I did, I laughed through most of this story it's funny but very not silly the emotions are deep and intense and yes the sex is uber HOT!!! My heart broke for Cole so many times but also for Brad whose devotion to taking care of Danny made him think he couldn't have to one thing he needed most. I also wanted to smack the shit outta both of them multiple times in this book but LOVED the outcome and how both Brad & Cole had to deal with their own issues before dealing with each other. I would really like to read more by this author I enjoyed this story immensely it's an emotional read but not too intense it's also funny and sweet and super HOT so I HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

Love Me Back To Life
The first time Noah Blackburn met Phoenix Quinlan, he’d known they were going to be best friends. It was fate, after all, since they were the same age and shared the same birthday. It hadn’t mattered that Noah lived in a sunny world where he spent his days wandering the Colorado mountains with his doting, artist father, while Phoenix hailed from the outskirts of town, where he lived with a dad who drank more than he worked and who ruled their house with a brutal temper. When the two boys were together, life was perfect, and neither of them could imagine being parted. But the spring before their sixteenth birthday, tragedy struck, robbing Noah of the father he’d adored. Shortly afterward, Phoenix began to withdraw, holding Noah at arm’s length, missing school…and then one day he just disappeared. Devastated by those events, Noah’s further shaken when, without warning, his emotionally detached mother moves them across the country, cutting Noah’s final tie to everything he’d once loved.

Twelve years later, Noah returns to La Paz, Colorado. He’s tired, emotionally battered, and looking for a fresh start, or maybe a restart of the life that had so long ago been derailed. But with painful memories haunting every corner, he begins to doubt his decision. Without his father, and especially without Phoenix, whom he can now admit was so much more to him than just a friend, his childhood town feels barren, absent of the connections that had once made it home.

But then, when he least expects it, Noah discovers something that shakes his world. He finds that truths aren’t always what they seem, quaint small towns can hide the darkest of secrets, and some heartaches run so deep only the strongest, most steadfast of loves can heal them.

                                                             *3.5 STARS*

Okay before I get into this story I gotta say I am a huge fan of M.L. Rhodes 'nough said. 
Now for this book I struggled with, mainly because it's kind of an intense deeply emotional story and at points made me bawl like a baby, it wasn't a easy story for me to read it has incest rape which I wish I had been warned about (tags people even in a flashback) but even with dealing with that intense emotional downfall and all the issues that ensued from that, both characters had a lot of issues that just needed to be dealt of course Phee were worse and really needed a therapist Noah had some as well. I had a hard time seeing these two as a couple at first they did grow on me but I struggled with their chemistry throughout the book. If you like a deep dark emotional read this is a book for you and Ms. Rhodes does an excellent job with her stories, for me it wasn't my favorite kind of story but it was well written and I will recommend it but be warned it deals with so intense issues but real ones never the less.

Alright peeps there's 3 more for ya hope you enjoy and Keep on reading, I always say books the eyes to the soul, never know where they will take you or how you will get there but  a book can take you on one amazing ride to get there. Later peeps

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