Thursday, January 17, 2013

A Couple of Quickies and an Update

Ok for all of you who have been so encouraging with the ordeal I'm trying to take care of with my daughter, I'm meeting with the Superintendent on Friday I'll keep ya abreast of what happens. And Thanks so much for the ideas and encouragement.

Ok now I mentioned before that I got money for Christmas right? well I have bought sooo many ebooks that I now have to remove some from my Kindle LOL no kidding Thank goodness that I read really fast because I have a ton to review, I had been in the Christmas mood last month bought a bunch of Holiday stories cause most were sappy too AWWWW....What can I say I have weird moods I love the fact that no matter what kind of mood I'm in I usually have a few Authors that I know won't disappoint me in if I want a good emotional, heart ripping, cry it all out story I look to an Amy Lane book or if I'm in the mood for HEA with paranormal I can read a Stormy Glenn or Lynn Hagen or Jana Downs, and then sometimes I just want smut, you know down & dirty with very little storyline but lots of sex (hubby really likes it when inner perv gets loose) There are just too many of my favorite Authors on my reading list to name I love books plain and simple so when asked what I wanted for Christmas I told everyone books nothing else just books. I'm glad I got them too now if only i would actually review them instead of jumping to read the next one...shrugs...what can I say I've been a little lazy lately LOL But I promise to try and do better because I have read some absolutely wonderful stories recently and hope you will check them out too. Ok a few quickies for you

GOING UNDER by Lisa Worrall   *4.5 STARS honestly this story scared the beejesus  out me I mean it was great don't get me wrong but totally freaked my ass out you gotta check it out.

BEYOND HONOR by Tyler Robbins  *4.75 STARS this story was really gripping and intense and I absolutely loved it I think you should run out and pick this one up like now it was so worth it.

THE OTHER GUY by Cary Atwell  *4.5 STARS I really enjoyed this story even without the sex scenes (I know I'm shocked at myself too LOL) but still a really good emotional read

WHAT ABOUT HIM by E.E. Montgomery  *4.75 STARS I had read some not great reviews for this one but I gotta say I loved it, goes to show that everybody can have a difference of opinion but I thought this one was really good

NEEDING A LITTLE CHRISTMAS by Silvia Violet  *4.75 STARS one of the best holiday stories I read this year truly a feel good story I enjoyed this story a lot.

Ok I'll stop for now but hopefully will be back for another couple of quickies later today. Happy reading peeps

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