Tuesday, January 29, 2013

A Few Quickie Book Reviews and An Update!!!!

Okay first I finally got to talk to the superintendent of elementary school, nice lady actually listened and was visibly concerned especially after I showed both report cards and where the grade was changed that was last Tuesday. Today (after they rescheduled twice) met with principal, teacher, asst principal and guidance counselor first off it was at 8am this morning so I had to take my little one with me, her teacher parked beside us and my little one hid in the floor board when I asked what she was doing she said he would be mad at her because I went to the principal about him. Yeah that didn't go over well with me at all, so anyway went to this meeting nobody could tell me why her grade was changed or if her grades were the only students that was. I felt this teacher was very defensive to me, trying to come up with an excuse like that she was easily distracted or doesn't have a lot of male influence (since hubby works away during the week o_0 ) What does that have to do with her grades being changed? We are having her moved from his class which is what the superintendent recommended but still no one gave me a reason as to why her grade was changed ARGHHHH!!!! Yes I am frustrated I'm trying to figure out who I need to go to next or what our next step should be? We just want our child to have a good education without being in fear especially from an adult who we teach our children that they should trust. Any suggestions are welcome

Okay now that I have vented... whew...I feel better best thing about a blog great place to rant LOL anyway on to some quickie reviews.

MORE THAN HUMAN (Urban Affairs 3) by Gale Stanley  *4.5 STARS I really like series' and this one does a really good job of pulling me further into this "world" I really enjoyed it plus it's HOT as hell (yeah I likey) I became fascinated with the first story in this series and have enjoyed the two following books I also have the next couple on my to read list still.

IN A STRANGER'S EYES (Haven 7) by Gabrielle Evans  *4.5 STARS Another likey for me of course I'm a series' nut but I like feeling like these characters have become family and continue reading about them even as secondary characters another fun & exciting series you gotta pick up

SONG OF OESTEND by Marie Sexton  *5 STARS  Now I have to say this book scared the beejesus outta me and thats saying something considering I read Carrie at the age of 5, the story grips you from the beginning and I swear it doesn't let go till the end if even then I read this like 2 months ago and can still get chills no kidding but it's not a horror story not really its a love story but totally and completely fascinating I just have to recommend this book IT"S A MUST READ

TOO STUPID TO LIVE by Anne Tenino  *5 STARS This is part of the WhiteRock series which you can get the first 2 books from Allromanceebooks.com for free!!! I love free books LOL anyhow I had reviewed both a while back and totally loved them, this one just added to my joy. There were times alot of them actually where I wanted to just smack Sam for the tstl comments but loved him just the same, also thought it was great that it took a whole different twist we'll say than I expected near the ending I really liked it though and can't wait for the next one. It's gonna make me nuts till I find out who the main characters are LOL It's another gotta read

I'm gonna go for now but I will be back...gotta go buy more books (shhh don't tell my hubby) and Happy Reading!

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