Thursday, March 21, 2013

Hi, My name is Gigi and I am now Tumblr addict

Okay it's official I'm addicted to Tumblr thats all it is to it. I mean first youtube sucked me in with it's shipping these super couples now tumblr has me too. I'm going to pull a James Dean and scream "I'm losing my mind" I think it was JD anyway but hell who knows. Anyway I gotta get some things off my chest first I've been watching Hollyoakes since "stendan" started and like most great couples on tv ( you know the ones that you just can't forget about) these two actors had some incredible chemistry. * Spoiler Alert*  I watched the conclusion to their story last night, and kudos to the writer's of Hollyoakes for the way they sent Brendan off, I usually hate to see when they kill off at least one of a super gay couple (which I might add happens alot or they have a kid and move away) What's up with that? ok I'll get to that topic another time but back to stendan there could have been no other way to save Brendan NONE! because of the complexity of the character his send off though sad and yes I cried like a baby couldn't have been better. The only thing that could have made it better was a little more stendan time at the end there that's it, yes it was heart wrenching but it worked with this particular couple mainly because of the character of Brendan but like I said I thought the send off for this couple was Awesome!

Now onto my next new addiction Nagron LOL yes I am now watching Spartacus on Starz only because of Agron & Nasir who make this show for me. Are you ROFL yet? My hubs did since he knows I'm not a history buff actually I can't even tell you how many times I have made hubs change the channel from the history channel I just have never enjoyed it..shrugs's just not my thing. So when my hubs seen me watching Spartacus he starts laughing his ass off saying if more guys would make out I'd be alot more interested in History, What can I say? I like men o_0
Anyway I am now a fan and hubs & I watch together which kinda sucks cuz it's ending soon in like 3 episodes...pouting...I just found them don't take them from me yet...whining....Okay I'm done now but these two actors have an incredible chemistry that makes them a super couple, I watched an interview with the writer Steven DeKnight and he said he wanted to show a love story that took it's time and let us get to know these characters who just fall in love with each other It's really a beautiful love story even with all the gore. Since you see these two guys evolve into guys who have such heart & passion not just for each other but the cause that they are fighting for too. I gotta say another Kudos for Starz and Mr. DeKnight for this intense but beautiful romance that won't be easily forgotten.
So if you haven't seen Spartacus yeah it's bloody and gory as hell but a really interesting story not only for Nagron but others in the storyline too, they just happen to be my favorite couple. I have a pic of the actor Dan Feuerriegel who plays Agron as my wallpaper he's in a tube standing up and hubs walked by stopped and said Damn even I think that's hot. Super Hilarious moment at our house.

And a couple months back I got hooked on Sterek which is the shipper couple on MTV's Teen Wolf I posted about it not long ago. It's another really good show that got me hooked because of chemistry between actors. It truly doesn't matter whether the characters are playing gay roles or not, it can be a bromance or even a het couple but some actors just are so good that their characters relate with certain ones and that's where we get these shipper couples. It's all in the Chemistry I have seen so called "super couples" on a soap who one leaves ends up on another soap when partner 2 comes along it doesn't work the same and falls apart. Well Duh one it depends on the actors, the writer's, the storyline and even the surrounding storylines and hell some actors are just that damn good that they can ship with anyone.

 Okay I'm gonna go now but send me your favorite shipper couples or favorite gay couples Later Peeps Happy Reading!!!!

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