Tuesday, March 12, 2013

My Barnes and Noble Complaint

Ok I'm going to complain about something...alright alright I'm gonna bitch about instead. I have been thinking about buying another Kindle or Nook since my Kindle has over 2000 books on it as of now. So I decided to go checkout the Nook over at my local Barnes & Noble, since I have had my Kindle I don't go into many bookstores now and the Books-A-Million went out of business. Now here's part of my complaint I live 10 minutes from a huge bigwig college (of which I am very proud to be a Hokie) anyway you would think that our B&N would have a nice selection well while I was there checking out the Nook's I decided to check out their M/M section and to what was my surprise they had none. And I mean none, not in the romance section or in sci/fy not even in mystery NOTHING!!!  and when I asked about it I was stared at like I had grown another head WTF people?
Well that made up my mind real quick I'm getting another Kindle besides the fact that I have never had any problems with my Kindle the way the B&N people treated me over a simple questions made the decision for me. I refuse to be ashamed of what I read I am a straight female who happens to LOVE reading about men What's the big frigging deal? Now the BAM had a small section of gay/lesbian books but at least I could go in pick one up and not have anyone be sarcastic or a jerk about, cuz I can be one right back.
It a shame that people feel they need to look down on others, we need to change that I'm trying to with my kids thats where it's gonna start and if someone asks I don't shy away I tell the truth men with men is just plain hot.
I started reading m/f romance novels at like age 8 (yeah I started reading very early) and I can honestly say that out of the thousands yes thousands of m/f books I've read I was always drawn to the not really butch stories more like not the damsel in distress ones like the Anita Blakes and Eve Dallas' I got so bored with reading the poor pitiful princess needs saving cuz her brain doesn't exist and there were lots of books I wouldn't even finish they were so boring or had the exact same plot line to each book, so a few yrs ago ran into a book by Shayla Black called Dangerous Boys & their Toys it's a m/m/f and there really isn't much m/m at all really but the chemistry between the two guys was incredible, so while punching up Shayla I found Shayla Kersten and bought my first m/m book Icing on the Cake
that was it I haven't looked back since LOL I don't believe I have read anything but m/m since 2010 and you know what? there are very very few stories that I don't like or won't finish and I'm always finding new authors that I like I mean I have 300 books to still be read and I buy at least one new one aday OUCH! Yeah we don't mention that to hubby LOL To me reading is peaceful and relaxing why should I not be able to read what I enjoy instead of what I'm told I should read. I have heard so many stories about the digital ebooks killing bookstores. Really? I don't think it's that at all it's places like my local B&N who not only didn't have a big selection of even m/f romance but who didn't have NOT one m/m book in their store, it's no variety or the people that they employ who aren't really there because they love books but cuz it's a paycheck. The digital age will continue to close bookstores unfortunately but it's not only the ereaders fault big chains need to rethink their demographic I mean I live in a college town basically hello thousands of 18-24 yr olds and you think none of them read m/m or yaoi? Times change get with the program or get left behind plain & simple I want to teach my own kids that reading is fun so I am also planning on purchasing a Kindle for them too because I want them to know that reading is fun and can take you anywhere you want to go.
Okay my bitchfest is over sorry but it just irked the hell outta me I've always respected B&N and I'm not saying that it's all B&N but even their website has very few m/m on there so my opinion is I won't waste my money there I'll buy from Amazon, ARe, Bookstrand,Total-E-Bound, and Dreamspinner since they go straight to my kindle. If you guys have more places for me to find ebooks let me know I love finding new books and new authors. Have a good day peeps and Happy reading!

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