Friday, March 22, 2013

Oops I spoke too soon

Yep I should have waited to voice my Hollyoakes praise because Dammit to Hell if they didn't fuck up this story line, here I was praising how they sent Brendan off in a gun battle only to find out he barely even got his shoulder hurt WTF? Seriously people all they have accomplished is sending Brendan to prison again & knowing Ste he will never get over it UGH!!!! I am so disappointed in Hollyoakes I mean they had the perfect ending to Brendan's character and folded. So yeah I'm done with that show.

Of course Spartacus tonight was freaking Awesome, we have hope that Agron might just survive at least for another episode. I hope I just love this couple and want Nagron to make it out alive of course this is Spartacus and most everybody ends up dying but we have hope still, and Yes I am watching it again. LOL while hubs is laughing at me telling him to be quiet or sit still. Now I have to wait 2 weeks WHAT? two weeks you say? for episode 9 Tumblr will just have to keep me going till then.

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