Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Tell Me It's Real by T.J. Klune & Dirty Laundry (Tucker Springs #3) by Heidi Cullinan

Tell Me It's Real
Do you believe in love at first sight?

Paul Auster doesn't. Paul doesn't believe in much at all. He’s thirty, slightly overweight, and his best features are his acerbic wit and the color commentary he provides as life passes him by. His closest friends are a two-legged dog named Wheels and a quasibipolar drag queen named Helena Handbasket.

                                                * 5 STARS *

Have you ever read a review that said a book wasn't good at all but when you read it, it was amazing and you wonder WTH? was that person thinking? Of course everyone takes things differently but sometimes you will find a reviewer who sounds like they have it in for an Author and that reviewer came across to me as that way but luckily I had read this book this past weekend and FREAKING LOVED IT!!!!! I swear I laughed so hard and so much my hubby thought he may need to read it too. (And hubby hates to read unless it has pictures in it o_0  ) So with my sarcastic attitude this book was just brilliant I can't say it enough I LOVED IT. The insecurity that Paul feels about his weight and the Freddie Prinze Jring is a real issue because yes their are kids that do stuff like that and think its funny Bullying is just like that, in fact I can remember being done that way in the 6th grade. It happens we as parents need to be the ones to change that by showing and teaching our kids that bullying or making fun of ANYONE is just unacceptable and will result in consequences. Ok I'm off of my preachy shit now back on to this truly wonderfully hilarious sweet love story and TJ please, pretty please I want Damon & Sandy's (Helena) story please with sugar on top. What I ain't to proud to beg Oh god I'm showing my age by quoting old songs LOL What I loved most about this story was everybody even the most cynical person deep down wants  their Happily Ever After even if we fight it or  try sabotage it before it even has a chance it's there we need to learn to grab on to it with both hands and try for the best. It may work or it may not but the best advice in this story was simply How do you know if you never try? Right?  I can say I finished this book with a smile on my face.  I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

Dirty Laundry (Tucker Springs, #3)
The course of true love doesn’t always run clean. But sometimes getting dirty is half the fun.

Entomology grad student Adam Ellery meets Denver Rogers, a muscle-bound hunk of sexy, when Denver effortlessly dispatches the drunken frat boys harassing Adam at the Tucker Springs laundromat. Thanking him turns into flirting, and then, much to Adam’s delight, hot sex over the laundry table.

                                         *5 STARS*

This story had a more personal point in it for me, though I loved the storyline and DAMN the sex scenes were intense and freaking HOT and now my hubs wants to go to the laundromat o_0 even though we have our own laundry room at home LOL Cuz' he really liked the result of that scene and would like Ms. Cullinan to please write more LOL. I have enjoyed every book in this series so far and find it fascinating that even with 3 different Authors writing it I feel as though it's only one. The stories can stand alone but it's also nice to feel connected to previous couples and catch up with them in a small way. The main reason I adored this story is simply the OCD aspect of  it see I have OCD and yeah most of the time I down play it or joke about it but it is a real disorder that can at times mess my life up so much that I feel like I'm going crazy. At times I feel like I have to fight not to obsessive about simple little things it's a constant fight with myself that I have had to work on for my entire life. Does it get better or easier at least I feel it did for me but some of that was knowing too that I have a son who is battling OCD also. We distract alot it seems to help, but back to the story Ms. Cullinan I have to commend you for doing such an incredible job of portraying how devastating it can be and what a difference it can make to have an understanding patient person to stand by you. Because that is so true of course the BDSM part was great for the story don't think that would work for everyone with OCD but I could see how it worked and why it did for Adam. Besides the Laundromat scene Holy Crap on Cracker that was HOT!! Oh wait I may have already mentioned that before but it was worth mentioning twice. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND

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