Thursday, November 8, 2012

From This Moment (Moonlight Breed #7) by Gabrielle Evans

From This Moment (Moonlight Breed #7)
With their scents almost as identical as their appearances, Cian Murphy can’t be certain which twin is his mate. He’s inexplicably drawn to Zavion, but if he chooses wrong, the consequences could be devastating for everyone involved.

Cian haunts his every thought, but Zavion doesn’t know what to do about it. He’s all but thrown himself at the man, yet Cian doesn’t seem to return his interest. Being just friends is better than nothing, but Zavion still can’t help but want a whole lot more.

Clearing up misunderstandings is only the start of their problems, though. With the tracking chip in Zavion’s neck slowly leaking a lethal poison, the clock is ticking to find a cure. Unfortunately, the only known antidote rests with The Hive.

Can Cian find the elusive lab before it’s too late? Or will he be forced to watch as his newfound mate wastes away to nothing

                                                               4 STARS

This book seven in the Moonlight Breed series which I happen to love, the characters may all have their own story but it always makes you feel like it's more about a family of characters. Each one I have read so far has left me smiling and wanting to read more about these intriguing characters, and it's no different with this one Cian we've met in previous books his mate is one of the two twins but he can't tell which one since their always together. Zavion has wanted Cian since they met but didn't think he could get Cian's attention. It's a fun thrill ride to save not only Zavion's life but also his twins. I recommend

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