Thursday, November 8, 2012

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes by Amylea Lyn

Whispered Secrets, Hidden Eyes
An abandoned farmhouse and murder long forgotten. A ghost yearning for truth and a man haunted by his past. Joined by a mystery only solved if unlikely lovers learn to listen for whispered secrets and watch for hidden eyes.

Daren O'Connor, a disgraced police officer, seeks solace in a different town, but his new farmhouse is steeped in mystery. A murder victim haunts Daren's every waking moment, begging for help. Daren feels drawn to the ghost, but can he help the soul find peace?

Shinjiro "Toby" Anderson has been crying out in silence. His spirit wanders his old home, trapped until his murder is resolved. All seemed hopeless until a handsome stranger moves in. Could this man help him cross over to the other side?

As they delve deeper, they discover powerful, unexpected feelings. Can the unlikely pair discover how a man and ghost can be together before the men responsible for Toby's death make Daren a target?

                                                                    3.75 STARS

This was an interesting story,  I will admit it was a little creepy but since it was read around Halloween it kinda worked for me. Daren buys a farmhouse that ends up haunted by Toby, and thats just the start of the freaky shit LOL. Toby's character just broke my heart he went through something horrible and seems to relive it over again & again. Only thing that made me  somewhat squeamish Daren & Toby having sex since Toby's a ghost a little too creepy for me but it did come across as a sweet love story with the mystery of Toby's death being solved really sad too. But the ending was interesting. I recommend

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