Wednesday, November 21, 2012

What the hell was I thinking?

What the hell was I thinking? That's what I keep saying to myself this morning...see I have a very hard time saying no when people ask me to do things like this year host the family Thanksgiving dinner now usually its only about 10 of us at this dinner so I said sure why not. I'm a complete dumbass for sure cuz this year there will be at least 25 people if not more here. HUH? ok with me & hubby we have 3 kids all under 15 then we have hubby's mom since hubby's dad passed away last month then we have hubby's creepy brother who is 41 lives at home and is seriously creepy...shudders...add in his elderly aunt and that's it for his onto my nutty family tree...we have my mom whose almost 80 and very religious and has an opinion on everything she's also a hypochondriac I swear if she see's it on the news or one of her brothers has it she swears she does no shit about a year ago she wanted me to call and make her an appointment for the doctor because she thought something was wrong with her prostate. So being the loving daughter that I am sat there completely snicker free as her doc told her she couldn't have a prostate....I am a good daughter ok so I lost it but I mean come on it was just to easy...anyway then we have my much older sister whose 15yrs older than me and her much much older than her husband who can't hear anything you say to him unless your yelling, my alcoholic brother who acts as though he's 16 instead of 51 my cousin and her bunch who I haven't seen for awhile and my pregnant niece now here's where it gets fun my niece's soon to be ex(not the baby's daddy) is also coming along with his dad and my great nephew whom I adore and spoil. Now this is such a strange situation I have no idea how it's gonna work I told my niece she couldn't bring said boyfriend because I really don't like him he's not a good guy he's abusive and won't allow her to be with her 4yr old son now I blame my niece for that but she's apparently  an idiot cuz  nobody could make me not want to be with my kids I don't care if his dick was made of gold...but she has and I've told her that her ex is coming too so this is gonna be fun. Also hubby's creepy brother once dated my niece I swear this is better that a soap opera I post after Thanksgiving and let you know how crazy it gets LOL

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