Thursday, November 1, 2012

Second Chances (Elite Force #1) by Lynn Hagen, Stormy Glenn

Second Chances
"Make sure he is well taken care of" are words Lieutenant Ryan Devries will live to regret. He is shocked to see Kurt Ackerman's name among the hardened criminals he is assigned to bring in for questioning, especially since he knows the man intimately.

Tracking Kurt down and bringing him in is the easy part. Forgetting the look of betrayal on his former lover's face is hard as hell, especially when Ryan’s message for Kurt to be taken care of is used against him by a sadistic officer out to torture Kurt.

Kurt was running for his life. When the man that left him after one night of bliss turns him in, Kurt never expects to survive, let alone see Ryan again. When Ryan is ordered to return Kurt to his home planet, the furthest thing on his mind is hooking up again. But forgetting Ryan may be the hardest thing Kurt has ever tried to do, especially when Ryan won't take no for an answer.

Chasing down the men on their most wanted list, Ryan soon discovers that not only is winning back Kurt’s trust an almost impossible mission, but so is the task of stopping the Onyx from hurling past End of the Line and into the unknown

                                                                        4.75 STARS

This is a spin-off of the Lady Blue Crew series by Stormy Glenn & Lynn Hagen which I totally loved, so I was really excited to see these two awesome authors together to write another series. And I was not surprised at how much I truly did like this one since this is the first book in this new series I can't wait for more at first I didn't really like Ryan but once he see's what he has caused I really liked the change in him and Kurt was just so funny and sweet I mean the poor guy has the worst luck of anyone I have every read about maybe that why I just loved him so much. And god the crew is effing nuts but I can't wait to read their stories, and it wasn't just a mate story since Ryan doesn't even know that their mates. It's really an exciting fast paced thrill ride that I'm sure will get even more thrilling with each new book, I Recommend

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