Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Damn you Youtube for being so Distracting

Sorry guys for being away I have been reading but I also got distracted by youtube LOL which you  guys know is soo easy to do. And Dammit if I didn't follow up on a tweet by an Author that I follow and look up Sterek (Yeah you guys know who I'm talking about Don't ya) it's a show on MTV called Teen Wolf now I hate to give away my age but Darn it I actually remember the original movie with Michael J Fox and Jason Bateman in it. Yes I now feel old LOL but anyway I started watching what I believe is slash fiction but I'm not sure of the terminology it's like fan fiction but in video right? well after watching a million video's ok maybe only a couple thousand I feel for this slash couple we got Stiles who I think makes the entire show I love this guy he's so funny then there's Derek the bad ass werewolf. So I had to (my OCD kicked in) go watch the entire 2 seasons in 3 days I gotta admit it pretty damn good and I will be adding it to my TV lineup when season 3 comes out. Youtube is such a great source for finding knew things it's actually how I found gay romance so intriguing and became fascinated with it. I was looking for a drama to the song by Lifehouse Everything and put in Christian and everything and up popped Chrolli whose my absolutely favorite gay soap couple, I watched and honestly it changed my life I not only realized that I was being taught to not accept but that it was wrong. They say you can't teach an old dog new tricks but i believe thats wrong it took me almost 40 yrs to grow up and think for myself not what my family or church believed and now I can teach my kids to accept and appreciate the differences in people. I then found m/m fiction and my love for reading just feel into place. of course I won't lie two guys together is Hot as Hell and I totally enjoy watching (Damn inner perv got out again) but guys do it all the time right? so What's wrong with me liking it besides my hubby doesn't mind and he kinda reaps the rewards from it LOL Well I gotta get going but if you haven't checked out the new Teen Wolf do so it was exciting and very entertaining besides there are some totally Hot guys in it which just makes it better LOL I'm off to actually get some of my 200 books on my to read list done Later peeps!


  1. I also got sucked in by everyone's "Stereck" comments and watched the first two seasons in three days. I can't help but love the dynamic between those two characters.

    1. I know its really an intense show but I'm loving the drama and the chemistry between Derek & Stiles is what makes it work we don't get good chemistry between actors on shows much anymore. But thats what I look for in a show a good intense push/pull between characters, now we just gotta wait for like six more months for the new season...I know I'm whining LOL we'll just have to depend on those awesome slash videos to keep us going.