Thursday, November 29, 2012

Post Thanksgiving Craziness & A Blog that made a Difference

Ok guys, I know I've been lazy but I promise I have been reading and I have to say I've read some really awesome books lately. The family Thanksgiving was shall we say interesting starting with this is the first time I have ever cooked a turkey and yes it will be my last I will either buy one already finished or delegate the duty next year it was gross that is all I'm gonna say about it and dammit it takes way to long to bake a 20lb turkey, next on my fun list was my know it all sister who decided if you turn up the oven really high it'll bake the rolls faster now my sister is 14 yrs older than me I'm 41 so apparently that is supposed to make her smarter ummmm...not...anyway after almost catching the house on fire and having to push her out of my kitchen to which she spent the entire day pouting about, and of course her husband conveniently decided he needed to go somewhere else so she tried to make everything else that day into a drama...sigh...yeah this is my family there are times I wish I had been adopted that would explain the differences between us. My mom who swears that just about everything will send you to hell luckily settles down to talk with her brother who showed up out of nowhere o_0   there were 35 people that showed up I mean nieces and nephews that I haven't seen in 20yrs showed was ok luckily I like to cook cause we had plenty of food. Then came the lovely drama of my niece whose pregnant with a child that is not her soon to be husbands the husband I adore the boyfriend I can't stand I'm thankful he didn't show. So that was an all around fun experience I could go into all the craziness that ensued but if you have ever watched Christmas Vacation you would swear that we were the Griswolds Yeah its that nutty and of course me, my sarcasm and my glass half full attitude just seems to egg it on LOL  all I can say is bring on Christmas I'm ready for it!!

I will be doing some very quick reviews because I have like 50 books I need to review (I told you I read really fast) so I will be getting to that but I have to comment on a blog I read today Mary Calmes' blog I so got her this morning after my good old fashion fun filled family Thanksgiving I feel as though I can relate then I realized that holy crap on a cracker thats almost my everyday. I have to have a sense of humor because if I didn't then the shit that happens in my life would probably bury me. I mean I have three kids my oldest had scoliosis and had to have severe back surgery but now she is doing great so I'm ok with that my middle son is almost 13 and was finally diagnosed with autism and tourette's and we have had a struggle with getting his home life and school life even close to settled add in the fact that he's going through puberty and just realized what his wee wee is for and I can say it's been an interesting month, my youngest has serve asthma and food allergies like if she even takes a drink of milk I have to get the epi pen...yeah it's bad... but I also try to teach them that everyone on earth has shit to deal with what matters is how we handle any situation we are handed. Now I need to tell you the main reason that Ms. Calmes blog motivated me today see about 2 yrs ago I read a story she wrote and her character really changed the way I view the world...Jory is always optimistic even when his world falls apart I was so inspired by his attitude that I started to adopt it as well. My husband noticed it first see I was raised in an extremely negative family (see above) and was always taught it won't get better but I think maybe I finally grew up or grew a pair maybe. Because I realized if I didn't break this cycle of negativity then it's just gonna trickle down to my kids and become a never ending cycle. So thats what I have done, I want my kids to see that you can do anything if you set your mind to it and be who you are no matter who might not agree. Life is short so make the most of it and smile you just may inspire another to smile too. And Ms. Calmes I wanna thank you again for writing such an inspiring character and to know that you have made a difference in someones life. Okay I will end now since this has gone on for awhile and Authors if you read this please know that when you write your stories they do make a difference Don't give up keep writing and I'll keep reading.

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