Monday, October 22, 2012

A Little Bit of Heaven (Scent of a Mate #2) by Stormy Glenn

A Little Bit of Heaven (Scent of a Mate, #2)
Hugh Marshall is disgusted when his father gives him an ultimatum. Mate with the daughters of a neighboring pride or lose his baby brother. Hugh decides to run with both of his brothers. He just has to save a family of white Bengal tigers staying in his father's territory before that can happen. Hugh is shocked when he discovers that the sweetest of the men he rescues, Kye Hara, is his mate, and that means Hugh is an alpha.

Forced to run for their lives, Hugh takes his new family and races to the only place he knows they might be safe, the home of another alpha. Stellan Mihos promised him safety, but will that still hold true when the man discovers Hugh is now an alpha in his own right? And just how pissed is he going to be when it's discovered that Stellan's brother and beta, Neumus, is also Hugh's mate? Will he help them or turn them over to those hunting them?

With his family growing every time he turns around, will Hugh be able to keep them all safe from those that want them dead? Or will he lose his new mates before he even has a chance to claim them?

                                                                   4.5 STARS

Everytime I read a Stormy Glenn book I always leave it with a smile on my face, even though each book's plotline is different I still get plenty of Hot sex, some funny moments and some intense action drama that keeps me glued to my kindle. This story is no different although this one has some exciting action in it it also has some really sweet emotional moments that worked for me. Hugh decides he can't take his controlling father anymore and runs away with his two younger brothers, when he goes to warn another group of brothers before his father can kill them he finds his mate while there. So on the run with these 6 ends up with 4 more that runaway from Hugh's father, they find sanctuary with Stellan from book one (which was another excellent read too) where Hugh & Kye find their third mate Stellan's brother Neumus. Safe to say it's an action packed thrill ride that I sincerely enjoyed reading and can't wait to read the next one in this series. I Recommend

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