Thursday, October 18, 2012

Judging Jager (Moon Pack #10) by Amber Kell

Judging Jager (Moon Pack, #10)
Jager yearns to belong somewhere. Unfortunately fate takes a nasty turn and he's abandoned by his pack. Lost and alone, Jager looks for a place to call home and runs into an angry tiger instead.

Jager's heartbroken when his pack kicks him out. Despondent, he goes to visit his friends in the Moon Pack, hoping for some sympathy and maybe companionship for the night.

Ryder wants to find out what happened to his brother, Dare, but the pound puppies his cat shifter brother has fallen in with guard him with the ferocity of a bear protecting its cub. Determined to wait them out until he discovers the truth, Ryder doesn't expect to be enchanted by a sexy wolf in man's clothes.

A whirlwind seduction turns into a quest for answers and despite Ryder's protests, Jager dives headfirst into Fae intrigue. Ryder worries he'll lose Jager before they can even work out their issues.

                                                                           4.75 STARS

I have been waiting on another story in the Moon Pack series for awhile, Yes this is one of my top favorite series that I love to read. So far it's as excellent as the previous books, though my favorite couple is still Anthony & Silver with Dare & Steven a close second every couple that has been introduced has had a way about them that worms their way into my heart easily. Ms Kell knows how to take a couple and add in chemistry to where I don't ever feel like it's a quick fall in love, but a sweet sexy romance just in a quicker way, that may seem easy but I've read plenty of books that that is not the case at all. Jager is one of those sweet guys who has an inner strength but even though he is model beautiful he still has insecurities that he learns to not really overcome but more deal with since he finds Ryder who is Dare's brother as his mate. Ryder has his own issues to deal with and I was surprised that we didn't get to see where he talks to Dare about their parents, never the less it's a sweet romance with some excitement and I even get some of my favorite couples thrown in for good measure. I truly loved this series from the very first book Anthony is a character that has stayed with me ever since, and I hope we get more books in this series soon...Though I'm a huge Amber Kell fan so I have read every book that she's put out and will continue to do so....I truly have enjoyed the Moon Pack series there's just something comforting about the characters even though there is action and drama in them the characters leave a lasting impression on you, that's not soon forgotten. How can you tell that? Well it's been at least 5 months since I last read a book in this series and I could easily pick up where it left off without feeling confused or even needing to go back to reread any of the previous books and it didn't feel as though any time had passed. Now if your a big book reader like myself you understand where I'm coming from, if not trust me on this one and go pick it up. I Highly Recommend

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