Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Some Quick Reviews for You

Even though life was kinda crazy lately I haven't been on here as much but that doesn't mean I haven't been reading. It's probably the only thing that has kept me sane (or as close to sane as I get) so I've got some short reviews for ya.

DEALING WITH THE DEAD by Toni Griffin  4.75 STARS Now I loved this story, it's so different from anything I have read in a while that I was just fascinated with it, it's a shorter book but it is supposed to be a series SQUEEE! but seriously I truly liked this story and can't wait to read more.

LOVING THE BOSS by Shawn Lane 4 STARS this was a nice short story, which made a great bedtime read not to heavy but still sexy. I enjoyed it

HALLOWEEN HEAT IV by Tara Lain & AC Fox 4 STARS this was another fun bedtime read with a little Halloween sexiness added in there's two different stories in this book but both were really good and enjoyable.

HEART TROUBLE by Josh Lanyon 4.5 STARS Nobody can write like Josh Lanyon, even though it was a short story I was caught up with the first page. Enough said It's a Josh Lanyon book  it's Damn good Enjoy ; )

IN A BLINK OF AN EYE by Kim Dare 4 STARS Another really good short story, I like intense short ones it's like a first cup of coffee rush. I liked

YO HO CHRISTMAS (A PIRATE'S LIFE FOR ME) by Tricia Owens 4 STARS Yeah I really liked this series and here was a bonus Christmas story, Mostly some HOT sex & Fun but as I was already invested in the MC's it was a perfect fit for me.

FORBIDDEN SOUL by Natasha Duncan Drake 4 STARS I read the first book to this series when I got it free off of Amazon, this is the second book to this series and I was just as fascinated. This author came to my attention after the free read and I am so glad I really like the fantasy, sometimes dark twits to her stories. Done bought the third one in this series.

NEW ORLEANS NIGHTS: JEFF'S WAY by Sara York 2  STARS I usually love Sara Yorks stories this one I didn't like so much it has a darker tone to it and left me feeling like I need a fun story  to pull me outta a funk you know? It's a sadder story that didn't work for me.

Enjoy ; ) and Happy reading!!!

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