Monday, October 1, 2012

Dear Sir (Pushing the Envelope #13) by Kim Dare

Dear Sir (Pushing the Envelope, #13)
Even as he puts pen to paper, Scott knows it’ll take all his courage to post his latest note to Joe. His lover wants him to write down exactly what he needs in order to feel safe and confident in their relationship. Yet for Scott, even though it’s the hardest letter he has ever written, he follows Joe’s command.

When it comes to Joe, waiting patiently isn’t his strongest virtue, but he promised to give Scott all the time he needs in which to write his letter, and he’s going to keep that promise.

And both men realize, once the letter has been sent, then received, just about anything can happen...

                                                        5 STARS

The more I read of this series the more I want to (well) read more LOL I am absolutely hooked on this intense relationship between Joe & Scott. There have been times in this series that I wanted to smack the hell outta both MC's  but then it wouldn't have been the same awesome story either, I know there is at least one more book in this series, maybe more I'm not sure but I do know that Joe & Scott have stuck out for me and made me think about them even when I'm not reading them right then. That's what I call a fascinating story when days or weeks later I'm still thinking about that character or that couple or that storyline and wondering what's gonna happen next. This series has done that for me, I hate to give to much away I think that takes away some of the fun in reading it yourself so I won't say to much but that so far this one was my favorite book in this series yet. It was Awesome!!! I also find it amazing that such an intense, emotional, sexy story can be told in such short stories by Ms. Dare does it beautifully I Highly Recommend

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