Friday, October 12, 2012

Life can be Devastating

I know I've been away for awhile somethings have happened in my life that have given me a wakeup call first my mother had a slight heartattack  (which I am thankful it was very slight and can be fixed with some light surgery and medication) then my father in law passed suddenly. Yes my hubby is devastated and his mom is in total shock. As my father in law was a man who never seemed sick a day in his life he would never miss work even though he lived an hour from his work and we get some pretty bad weather sometimes he just wouldn't miss work. I was so surprised by the funeral since it was honestly standing room only, I have learned a few things though you need to prepare even if you hate to talk about these things it really does pay to prepare. I have watched my husband and his mom struggle to not only grieve but handle important issues that a rise after the devastation subsides, simple things like needing to pick up a prescription but can't because of insurance crap. It's a really stressful and sad time but you should seriously plan ahead some anyway, I mean they were together for 50 yrs and instead of thinking about the memories she has to think about how to get new insurance and as she herself has a heart condition and diabetes, my hubby is seriously worried about her but enough of sad things i have read a LOT and I mean A Lot of books this week and will get back to reviewing soon Love you guys Gigi