Monday, October 22, 2012

Loathing Leo by Ash Penn

Loathing Leo
didn't like it it was ok liked it really liked it (my current rating) it was amazing
Loathing Leo is pure hell. Loving him takes so very little effort, but how can Sam love a man who belongs to someone else?

Following yet another drunken night on the tiles, Sam wakes to the knowledge he’s finally hit rock bottom. He’s lost his dead—end job, his dead—end lover, and the respect of his straight best friend Michael after making a shameful pass at him the night before.

When Michael pushes Sam back into the clutches Leo Hudson, his ex lover, who whisk him away to a house in the middle of nowhere, Sam is left confused and more than a little bit irate at such a betrayal.

What is Michael playing at? He knows Sam doesn’t date closeted men. Or married men. Or fathers. As it turns out, Leo Hudson is all three.

Trapped in an isolated house with the man for the course of a weekend, Sam discovers Leo’s marriage is not all it seems. Until now he’s never given Leo the opportunity to explain himself. After all, how does one explain that a seven—month—long relationship was built on one big fat lie, anyway?

When Sam finds out the truth, he decides he can’t fight the feelings he’s tried to subdue for so long. He and Leo need to say a proper goodbye if he’s to begin his life anew. But will one final night together be enough?

The end of the weekend demands changes for them both. Can Sam make the compromise necessary to keep the man he loves, and will Leo give Sam the recognition he deserves as both partner and lover?

                                                                        4.25 STARS

I bought this book cause it was recommended by another reviewer and she didn't like it much, here's a perfect example of how people can take different things from a book. Now me I loved it, it's an emotional ride but not horribly angsty just slightly, and the age old plot of ask before you jump to conclusions is the main focal point in this story. Sam is a mess plain and simple, but it really is Leo's fault and he's got alot of explaining to do, Sam's character made my heart hurt for him, he's so likable but like I said he's a mess and can't seem to stop this downward spiral he's on. And his best friend Michael (whom I loved instantly) has to help Sam before it's too late, that's when Leo comes into the picture. Now here's where I found it kinda funny Leo kidnaps Sam for the wkend to try and explain himself but to also save Sam from destroying himself, Leo even takes his shoes so Sam won't runaway till he can explain. There's some different scenes that I may have questioned but after finishing the book they made complete sense to me, at first I didn't like Leo but he eventually won me over and I have to say I loved his mom. Anyway I enjoyed this book I recommend.

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