Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Just One Bite (Tasty Teasers) by Lynn Hagen

Just One Bite
Jim loved his life. He worked on a construction site, hung out with his friends, and called his buddy Randy anytime he wanted to get laid. But all of that soon changes when Jim stumbles across a newly converted vampire who can’t seem to resist Jim’s blood.

Devon was attending college, knowing exactly where his life was going, somewhat, until he was brutally attacked on campus. Three days later he woke with an insatiable hunger.

Foolishly, Jim takes Devon home, and finds that being bit by Devon has its rewards. But when the creature that converted Devon comes looking for his vampire, Jim knows he can’t let Devon go.

                                                             3.75 STARS

This story was a like the title says a Tasty Teaser, sexy but fun and very little angst and not a very long story either. When Jim runs across Devon and decides to save the poor guy he never expected to let the little vampire snack on him the start of this story was really funny, with how fast Devon is and how he can't keep from biting Jim like I said it's a very funny story. But diffidently one I enjoyed it's also super sexy too. I recommend

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