Saturday, February 11, 2012

Eli's Way by Lynn Hagen

Eli was whipped and bitten until he no longer resembled a human being. He wakes to a world of vampires he never knew existed and a society he isn't sure he's cut out to live in. He fights his new life, refusing to feed and refusing to admit he has feelings for one large vampire.
Jersey, bodyguard for the young prince Yasuko, has finally found his mate. What should have been a joyous occasion is instead becoming a hard road to travel. Eli fights him every step of the way until Jersey and his brother, Buck, show Eli another side to who he has become.
Helping Eli face his new life is only one of the many things Jersey has challenging him. Mallon, the elder who was responsible for Eli's kidnapping and torture, refuses to leave Eli alone, coming after him time and again.
Can Jersey help Eli cope with his new life while keeping the ex-elder from coming after his mate, or will Jersey lose Eli to his insecurities and the crazy Mallon?
A Siren Erotic Romance

                                    4.50 STARS

This is the 3rd book in Lynn Hagen's Christian's Coven series, and I gotta admit her books are like chocolate for me, I've read all her books so far and have never been disappointed, Although you could read them separately their even better starting with her Brac Pack series I love these books, they have just enough drama, romance and sex to make them awesome. Not every author can pull that off. Lynn Hagen is one of those authors that i found by reading Stormy Glenn's books. She had me hooked with the very first book. This one is about a human converted to vampire to save his life, living in a coven and learning to deal with his mate Jersey.
I found my heart going out to Eli but also to Jersey desperately trying to help his mate without putting anymore pressure on him, and Eli's desire to please his dad was a really great addition his dad actually being a caring father but homophobic made it more believable and Eli being torn between his destiny and his worry about disappointing his father was so sincere I wanted to hug him, and Jersey's struggle to help his mate and not claim him was adorable Loved the 80's music by the way that was fun and brought back memories LOL 

Definitely recommend this series and also her others Brac Pack and Zeus's Pack.  

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