Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Sin Row by Scarlet Blackwell

On Sin Row, the cops are more bent than the criminals…
Getting sexual favours from rent boys on Sin Row is a perk of the job for corrupt cop Blake Astor and his partner Ronnie Kemp.
When Io Spencer appears on the scene, though, Blake’s seldom-troubled heart gets involved.
When things escalate out of control, is he prepared to risk everything for Io?
Reader Advisory: This hard hitting book has sex scenes that some may consider contain dubious consent. The are also scenes of double penetration and ménage à trois.
                                      4.50 STARS 
I really liked this book it was different then my usual books but i actually liked the plot of course the sex was hot. Blake is kinda a dirty cop more of a you scratch my back i'll scratch yours kind. Even though he's flawed he falls for a prostitute named Io who i just loved, since he's just trying to survive. The storyline was a little weird but i ended up really liking it and can't wait to read more. The next book in this series is supposed to be out next month so hopefully it'll be as good if not better. I didn't like the partner Ronnie even though the menage was really hot he seemed trouble. And I just couldn't find anything redeeming in his character. I would definitely recommend this short book. 

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