Saturday, February 25, 2012

A Pirate's Life for Me by Tricia Owens Book #3

Lucas is deeply involved now with Adam and Tyler but are things too good to be true? He's still unsure of his place with the two pirates, torn between wanting to be serious with them and afraid he's being used as a tool to strengthen the men's relationship. The more he learns about Adam and Tyler, the greater his fears grow that all of this is temporary. When Lucas decides to begin keeping secrets, he raises the stakes for all three of them, leading to a make it or break it moment.
                          5 STARS 

This review is for book #3, but I've read the first 2 also. I have to say I LOVED this trilogy, I found the first book on Amazon top free and after watching Pirates of the Caribbean, with my hubby. I couldn't resist this i mean hey it was free right? so thinking it was a naughty, sexy romp book, I downloaded it. But to my wonderful surprise the first book was a damn good story, so much so that i couldn't wait for the second one, Which to my absolute surprise was awesome too. 5 STARS for both of those books by the way. I checked everyday to see if this third book had come out, I loved this story, I mean Lucas' struggle through his sexuality, and beliefs, was well written and believable. There were times i wanted to smack him and times i wanted to hug him, Adam on the other hand is big and dominate but has a heart of gold, I loved this big guy. Tyler on the other hand took some getting into, but once you see he's just trying to protect his heart you'll want to hug him too. I loved that this author had me so wrapped up in this story that i thought about each book long after i had read each one. It also proved to me that you can't always trust the blurbs, you may just be pleasantly surprised like me. I will definitely be reading more by this author, I liked her style of writing, and yes the sex is incredibly HOT! I would recommend this book and the first 2 also, This trilogy was fun and sexy I Loved it!

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