Sunday, February 12, 2012

On the Wings of a Butterfly by Scarlet Hyacinth

Blue has always considered himself an anomaly, a freak. Always watched by his parents, he lives a hopeless existence due to his butterfly wings. His only comfort is a mysterious dream lover with golden eyes who comes to him at night. But Blue can’t even see his face and can’t even be sure the man is real.
When he dares to attempt an escape, Blue meets Wallace, a wolf-shifter. Wallace teaches him that there is so much more out there than Blue ever believed, that he is not alone like he’d thought.
As Blue struggles to accept the new revelations, emotions also emerge, paving the path to a brighter future. But there is someone still waiting to crush his dreams and his wings. With Wallace’s support, can Blue become a beautiful, bright butterfly, or will he forever be trapped in the cocoon of his own pain?

                                                4 STARS

This is the first book in The S.E.X. Factor Series and I liked it, sometimes it takes me a book or two to get into a series, and this one will definitely do that I needed some more info but i'm sure we'll get it in the next book or two. Cuz i love her Mate or Meal Series it's Wonderful. This one starts with Blue which is a nickname who goes through some horrible abuse by his parents no less (personally i wanted to string both of his parents up shame on them) but he has dreams of an amazing man, whom he meets by chance at the movies and the story goes from there I loved the fact that neither had very many doubts about falling for each other so quickly thats one of my favorite things in books I'm a HEA kinda gal. So i love the mates thing. which Wallace is a wolf so there you go. it was also nice for the story to be mainly about them they didn't get lost in getting this series going I found that pretty cool.

I recommend this book.

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