Sunday, February 26, 2012

A Very Shaney Valentine's Day by Stephani Hecht (Lost Shifters)

Shane is known for killing, maiming and causing fear. He sure as hell isn’t known for being sappy or sentimental. So when Valentine’s Day rolls around, he finds himself at a loss as to what to get Trevor. Shane knows that a simple box of chocolates or roses will do the trick, but not with a mate who’s as great as Trevor.

When Shane finds himself distracted from his task when Riley is in need of help, Shane finds the perfect solution in the last place he thought possible. Will Trevor like his gift, or is Shane going to blow what is supposed to be the most romantic day of the year?
                                      5 STARS  
 Okay, Stephani Hecht's Lost Shifters series is like my top of the list favorite, of course I love her other series also but for some reason this is my favorite, Probably because none of the characters are perfect, I mean their very flawed yet you seem to fall in love with them in spite of their flaws. And Shane is my absolute favorite, I mean how much more flawed can you be to be an assassin and love your job right? But our favorite killer has a mate Trevor, who sees through Shane's defenses and proves love concurs all. Now this story is absolutely adorable it starts with Shane trying to come up with something special for Trevor for Valentines Day. And thats where the fun begins, first I love the fact that we get to know other characters so well and Riley is no different. Being bi-polar and learning to live with it, plus being a shifter and having a mate, He tries to help a spider shifter but no one believes him except for Shane, who has gotten twin hawk shifters to train. Because of Tatum and Ackley (yes I love their names awesome) are like Shane used to be he starts seeing how messed up he has been and wants to be better for Trevor. Add in a 6yr old little girl whose a leopard shifter like Shane and you have one hell of a awesome story. I absolutely LOVE this book. It's a definite recommend!!!!

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