Thursday, February 9, 2012


Daslin is a fire mage living in a school on the Mountain, where he tries to stay out of trouble, not an easy task as Daslin not only is accident prone, but can’t always control the fires he creates. The masters despair of him ever getting total control, and he has been forbidden to leave the draughty hallways and labs of the school.
His new roommate, Avan, is unlike anyone Daslin has ever met. Avan comes from the plains where he can go naked and commune with the elements without impediment. He doesn’t like the Mountain, where he’s been sent to learn to use his powers more efficiently; at least that’s the excuse the elders give him. Avan suspects they just want him out of the way.
Avan is as delighted with his new roommate as Daslin is bemused by him. Can they get up to more than just mischief?

                                          3 STARS

 While i usually love Sean Michaels books this one not so much, of course the sex is hot and i mean hot which is one of the reasons i love his books. The story lost me completely in smoke and fire. from what i got it kinda reminded my a little bit of harry potter type of story but i felt like to much was missing. I mean Daslin was a really good character but what were his mentors punishing him with and why. Also what was the story with Avan. I needed some more story line it was just to short and ended to abruptly for me.

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