Sunday, February 19, 2012

Owen's Home and Garden by Evie Kiels

Simon Carter is a player, and Owen Sanders knows it. As Simon’s best friend, he’s a big part of Simon’s life, and he’s watched Simon sleep his way through random hookups, trying to avoid a repeat of his last failed relationship.

But when Simon turns that fear of commitment and dangerous sex appeal on his best friend and then disappears, Owen decides he’s had enough. He sets out to Minnesota to drag his best friend back and make him see that if he’d just give Owen a chance, the two of them could make Simon’s loveless house into a home. 
                                           3.5 STARS

Owen's Home and Garden is a nice, cute story. What I didn't like about this story, I felt it made Owen look like a door mat, I get waiting for your true love but the stress that Simon puts him through would have been to much for me. I needed more with this story for it to work for me. it kinda jumped around to much. Although it wasn't a favorite of mine I did think it was cute. Try it, it may work for you. I can be a little picky so i will say try it.

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