Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Kissed by Death by Andi Anderson

Gregory cheated death. And now, seven years later, the grim reaper has returned. Can Gregory convince Angel of Death, Thanatos, to grant one final request: a single lover before he moves on to his great reward--and he chooses Thanatos.

At fourteen, Gregory Harris suffers a massive heart attack during a baseball game. As his coach tries desperately to keep him alive, a tall, handsome man in a hooded black cloak stands beside him--the Angel of Death. Gregory begs this grim reaper for more time on Earth so his parents can prepare for his death. The reaper grants him his wish, and even though Gregory saw him for just a few short moments, he often fantasizes about the mysterious creature.
Seven years later, the Angel of Death is back for Gregory. Gregory is ready to move on to the afterlife, but he regrets that he never had a lover and partner to call his own. Gregory has no intention of escaping this grim reaper. In fact, he intends to do whatever it takes to convince Thanatos that they belong together forever.
                             5 STARS 

 OMG! I fell in love with this book, I mean I laughed,cried, and wanted more. Its intense when a book can make me smile through tears, I'm not one for crying but a few tears are actually  a good thing in a book, it makes me feel the characters more. Now i'm not talking balling through an entire book cause thats just exhausting, and makes me not want to finish a book. I feel we have enough sadness in real life, I read to escape to a place where love can concur all, that's why i enjoyed this book. I mean we all want to believe that theres something wonderful waiting for you, I hope that Kissed by Death is gonna be a series cause it was wonderful. 

Gregory has been through so much since he was fourteen, i mean his life hadn't even started yet, he just became a teen. But even though lifes not fair he doesn't lose his humility, his compassion, his smile. (I took from this book a lesson, sometimes no matter how bad life can be, enjoy it it's the only one you got) He knows his heart and it's been lost to the Grim Reaper since he was a teen, he asks for some time to enjoy with Thanatos the grim reaper. Who happens to be gorgeous, and he loses his own heart to Gregory, even as he struggles to do his job. Add in some of his brothers and you get an amazing story.I hope you get this book, it's definitely recommended. 

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