Tuesday, February 14, 2012

A Family Found by Nicole Dennis

A promising baseball star, Dimitri Michelakakis, left it all behind when his troubled sister called, begging him to raise her baby boy. Now a chef and a single father, he runs the successful catering arm of local bistro, Terra Verde. Dimitri never suspected that one of his catering jobs would lead him to a new love.

Since receiving a note about his son's birth, millionaire Mason Harrison has done everything he can to find the baby and the man who raised him as his  own. Could finding his son mean finding the family Mason has always longed for? 
                                         3.5 STARS

A Family Found is a cute book about family, What i didn't like about this book was it had alittle to much detail and not enough story. And it went a little to fast for me. I mean i liked the plot and the storyline alot but it just needed more for me, less detail about cooking and games etc. and more detail about each character like why now did mason want to get to know his son i mean 6yrs What? and they way he kinda sprung it on Dimitri I think if i was Dimitri i would have punched his ass out. I liked the dynamics of Mason and Dimitri but i needed more from Mason I got Dimitri but was completely lost on Mason. The kid was totally adorable though and if i had more story i would have given this book 5 stars the author has great potential and i can't wait to read her next book

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