Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Waterboy by Anitra Lynn McLeod (Gridiron Gods1)

 What a weird week so far Sunday we got like 8 inches of snow, but most of it melted by monday, and its supposed to be in the 60's by thursday. WTF? Yeah this winters been strange, but oh well. Looking forward to the days gay storyline to get going this week, and hoping tptb will do it justice, also Glee was pretty awesome last night. I'm hoping to teach my kids that making fun of someone for anything not just sexual orientation is horrible and we need to set an example that its not acceptable to bully anyone! We as adults need to be the ones to learn to get over what we were taught was acceptable and learn everybodys different. Personally i was raised in a really religious household and it wasn't till i became a mom myself that i started to question things i was taught. I want to teach my kids that its ok to be different, my middle child has asperger's syndrome and we struggle with that, he's getting ready to turn a teen and we've learned we have to deal with bullying ourselves, because he's different there are some kids who don't deal with that well. I think we as parents need to take the time to learn to teach our children that we're all unique and special in our own way, quit taking things so serious and enjoy life a little it's too short to waste it being angry at what others do or say. Live Life to the fullest and smile along the way, your smile may rub off onto someone else and then their smile may rub off onto another, and so forth. Make your self talk to a total stranger today, my husband swears i've never met a stranger ever. He hates to go to the store with me i will meet someone and start talking, I never shut up...shrugs shoulders...oh well. Enjoy today!

Anyway I started a new series yesterday so far its pretty good, I've finished the first 2 books and am working on the third. I found this Author on I'm trying to find places that i can buy my ebooks instead of waiting forever for them to come out on amazon. So any clues please send to me please. Bookstrand has some of my favorites Stormy Glenn, Lynn Hagen, Gabrielle Evans, and Joyee Flynn. But I'd like to find where I can get Amber Kell and Stephani Hecht's books when they come out. Besides I always like finding new Author I never know when they'll be put on my favorites list....I know it's funny I have a huge pile of favorites you know the ones where you buy the book as soon as i see their name on it, without reading what it's about. I know i need to shut up and get to the review ok,ok I'm going... LOL!

[Siren Classic ManLove: Erotic Alternative Paranormal Romance, M/M, shape-shifters] Shy loner Danny Jones lives in a world of kinky sexual fantasies. In his dreams, the football players he caters to as the waterboy indulge their lusts upon him in every conceivable way. Reality is that no one sees him at all. Slump-shouldered and drowning in oversize clothing, Danny has made himself practically invisible. As the new guy on campus, Matthew Edwards is worried about fitting in at Twin Pines College. Matthew hates change, but the lure of a full-ride scholarship, and the chance to put a struggling football team on the map, are all the inducements he needs to switch schools. When Matthew meets the timid Danny, he sees right through his camouflage. All Danny needs is a little encouragement to come out of his shell. With Matthew's help, Danny transforms, but there are those who want to prevent the two from joining together. They will have to fight to be together. ** A Siren Erotic Romance
                                                                    4 STARS

Ok now first of all this book is HOT!!! WOW i just gotta say, i don't smoke but after this book i felt i needed one LOL! Now the story, I could have used alittle more of the plot but i also get it's the first of a series so we may get more in future books. The shifter storyline threw me, I actually thought maybe it was a typo since we really don't get that till the end, But it actually worked I'm liking this series so far. It's different then anything i've read so far, so i went ahead and bought the next 2 books I'll review the next one later or tomorrow but, I'll say that i will be finishing this series i'm liking what i've read so far. I recommend this book, but a warning you may need a could shower after LOL

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