Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Starting Anew

I’ve done it finally! Decided i would review the ebooks that i read and give others the chance to maybe read or watch something they’ve never tried before, of course thats how i got into this anyway. I’m married, straight mom of 3, who absolutely loves reading gay fiction or m/m fiction anything from mysteries and drama to romance and we’ll just throw in some hot smex scenes while were at it I also am completely addicted to Chrolli (christian and Olli from vertobene liebe) I may have spelled that wrong but you can find them on youtube which is what i did. My husbands convinced i was a gay man in a past life I think its more 2 men, are hotter than 1, and them kissing is even hotter LOL!   I like the way Jo Weil describe it in an interview i saw on youtube That women like watching 2 men because they don’t have to compare themselves to another woman its just 2 hot men making out. I will try to have fun with this blog, I should probably apologize now cuz i can be very sarcastic what can i say its a natural talent! I’m so excited i don’t know where to start but thats probably my ADOS kicking in….Attention Deficit OHHH SHINY…sorry gonna go chase a butterfly LOL

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