Sunday, February 19, 2012

Sacrifice and Blood by Stephani Hecht #14 in The Drone Vampire series

Because of his turbulent childhood, Kale tries to make safe life choices. He stays by his twin’s side, serves his coven leader and never sleeps with the wrong kinds of guys…until he finds himself drawn to the most unsafe man in the world—fellow warlock Ian.

Once, Ian was part of the most dreaded coven known to the supernatural world. Although he left the coven at the same time his brother and cousin did, Ian still feels as if those years surrounded by evil stole all the good from him. Many fear him, and Ian likes it that way for he never wants to be seen as weak or vulnerable. He’s confused when he falls for a quiet warlock with a noble spirit, but that doesn’t stop Ian from making a great sacrifice in order to save Kale…a sacrifice that leaves Ian weaker and more vulnerable than ever.

Now, Kale must protect Ian from the enemies hunting them. As death draws closer, Kale discovers that maybe the safest choice isn’t the best. Still, will he be strong enough to save both of them, or will they become the next causality of the war?
                                           4.75 STARS
Sacrifice and Blood is #14 in The Drone Vampire series which is one of my top ten favorite series of all time. Stephani Hecht is also one of those authors that I buy as soon as I see a new book by without even reading the blurb because I know I'm going to enjoy it no matter what. This author has me hooked on every book she has out. And Sacrifice and Blood is no different I was on the edge of my seat till the end, complete with the gross out for the bugs but totally entranced with the story. Both characters personality is explained throughout the series but you get the jist of them in this book. Ian and Kale are struggling with emotions, life and death situations, sex and a whole lotta twists and turns I loved it. I would highly recommend this book but also this series too.

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