Thursday, February 9, 2012

Just A Vampire by Stormy Glenn

 I'm gonna start with one of my favorite authors (which means i pre-order her ebooks from the reason she's one of my favorites is she has me hooked from the first page. which is amazing. I don't believe i have read a book by Stormy Glenn yet that i didn't like and because of her i have found other Authors that i absolutely love. her books are fun, sexy and very entertaining for me. This one i give    5 STARS


Electus Luca Ucathya has waited hundreds of years to find his anamchara, his soul mate. Rowan Connelly is not what he expected. For one, the man doesn't have a submissive bone in his body. Even worse, Rowan is a wolf, one of the most dangerous and hated enemies of a vampire. But giving Rowan up isn't an option.
Discovering that he is the mate of a vampire isn't so bad for Rowan, but the things required of him as the mate of the leader of a vampire tribe just might be more than he can handle.
When Rowan is kidnapped, not once but twice, Luca knows he has to do everything in his power to keep his mate safe, something that would be much easier if Rowan would accept his place as the mate of a vampire and behave. Instead, Rowan is drawing Luca into more trouble with every breath.
And Luca just can't seem to mind.

Wow! what didn't i like about this book...hmmm..honestly i can't think of anything. I was completely entertained it had some drama not enough that i had to have tissues, great sex(which is always a plus) and I'm a sucker for a HEA. I loved that Luca was a vampire and Rowan a wolf that were supposed to be enemies. Luca being head vamp of his tribe was supposed to have a mate that was submissive but what he got was Rowan who may look like a twink but came with plenty of mischief, he's not a sub but not a jerk either, he knew when to stand up for himself and i liked the fact that he still had his own personality and didn't change that. I also liked that Luca could adjust his thinking to make sure his mate was happy, without being a Electus with an additude. And i love a story that can make me laugh long after i've finished with it.

I would definitely recommend this book!

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