Thursday, September 13, 2012

Boys by G.A. Hauser

Boys who love boys who love girls.

Twenty-five year old Jag Huntington loved straight men. He couldn’t help it. Something about their macho-allure intrigued him. But Jag had never even managed to have a straight man as a friend.
His best friend Tyson Hopper, and Tyson’s boyfriend Howard Steinman invite Jag out for a night with the gay-boys and Howard’s sister, Virginia.
When Virginia brings her straight boyfriend, Carson Phelps, Jag’s attraction to the thirty year old stud was instant. But there was not mutual attraction, not even curiosity.
It wasn’t until Virginia insinuated that Jag and Carson should be friends, ‘close’ friends, that Jag began to wonder if he had a chance.
Carson liked hanging with gay men. They were fun. His straight buddies didn’t get into dancing, music, or anything he really wanted to do. The idea of having a great gay friend appealed to Carson. Self-assured, Carson didn’t flinch at the racy conversation nor sexual overtones of his gay companions’ conversation. He liked it.
There was something which intrigued both men into crossing the line of friendship into a physical relationship, but for Jag, it was devoid of any emotional attachment, which he craved from Carson.
Would Jag and Carson’s friendship ever evolve into anything more than a couple of friends; one gay and one straight?
Or was there really something extra special about a boy who loves boys, who loves girls?

                                                                         4.5 STARS 

I found this book a lot of fun, and HELLO the cover is hot!!!! So this story is about Jag who is sweet but sexy as hell, and Carson whose "straight" as they become friends. Jist of the story the blurb is perfect Jag likes Carson but Carson is dating Virginia who is Jags best friends boyfriends sister WHAT? LOL yeah it took me awhile too but it's funny and deals with some very serious issues too.
I had one major flaw with it and that was Virginia WTH? this girl is completely nuts I mean who pushes to get their boyfriend to have a threesome with a gay guy? (ok besides me) No I'm serious she's a little weird  right? Anyway I don't believe you can turn some one gay so I kinda threw that opinion out the window, face it Carson was already gay he just found someone that completes him. I have heard lots of stories about coming out at an older age where the person had always assumed they were straight, my opinion sometimes it just takes longer to find someone(no matter the gender) who fits, someone that excites them and completes them. But anyway back to the story I loved Jag's character he is soo sweet and loses his heart to Carson so easily, not sure I would have hung around waiting for Carson to pull his head outta his ass but never the less its a really good book I kinda blocked out the whole Virginia being in the threesome since it's main focus is on Jag & Carson. I recommend

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