Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Vampire's Mate (Vamp Mates #1) by Dakota Dawn

Vampire's Mate

Renny Woolsey’s first night at his new job of bartender’s assistant ends with him running for his life. He wouldn’t have even taken the job if his college grant money hadn’t been almost depleted.

Sprinting through the woods at night to escape two vampires wasn’t something he would have ever guessed he’d be doing. His mom had raised him to believe that humans shared the earth with other beings. The truth of her belief is now chasing him. Just when he thought he couldn’t go on, Renny comes to a cabin. An owl hoots eerily and Renny bounds up the cabin’s steps. To his horror, a huge owl flies right onto the porch. In a panic, Renny rushes into the unlocked cabin.

As Renny tries to figure out how he’s going to escape two evil vamps and one freaky owl, a light comes on. He is instantly mesmerized by Zavier Thorpe's pale green eyes.

If Renny lives through the night, his life will be changed forever.

                                                                             3 STARS

This was a first from this author for me, not a bad story to start with either. It was a fast paced paranormal with Vampires chasing poor Renny right to Zavier's door. I would have liked to read how these two got to the epilogue with the issues that they had between them, I also would have liked to read more about them getting to know one another. But it wasn't a bad book I just felt it was missing with the hop to the epilogue, I think it could have been a fascinating story with alittle more indepth getting to know each other dialog. I still recommend because it's a cute fun story


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