Sunday, September 23, 2012

A Few Quick Reviews

I know its been like forever since I've posted but life kinda got in my way this week and I got side tracked not hard for me to do right? LOL Anyway I have read a lot which is a good thing but now I have like 20 reviews I should do. So some of the short stories I have read I'm gonna bundle together HEHE I've been watching way to make TV too.  One or two of these I believe were free but the others I purchased. I read something very disturbing this week and it's been on my mind all week, on another blog I read there was a review for a book but the reviewer didn't really review the book, she went on to literally rip this author to pieces not her writing itself but literally the author. Shame on that reviewer I admit not everyone is gonna like every book that an author has wrote but that doesn't mean that we as reviewers need to belittle a person for what they write. There are some authors that I personally don't read not because they can't write but because I don't enjoy their subjects or maybe it's the content of those stories not that author personally. I love to read I want to be entertained and taken to another place when I read a book, thats the whole point in reading for me anyway. And there are books I don't like doesn't mean that the author isn't any good it just means that said book didn't work for me, I'm incredibly moody so there are days I may want to read about deep emotional issues where I'm crying my eyes out (I have authors that I go to for that deep emotional cleansing that I know comes by the end of that story) and then there are days that I want funny, sweet romance, or even days I want to read smutty or smexy without much storyline (inner perv again) But still I just want to say to Authors everywhere Don't Give Up keep writing and take every review with a grain of salt(mine included), it can't make you a better author that comes with time and practice I truly believe. You may get pointers or advice from them but deep down you know yourself if some one picks on you as a author don't listen there are nicer ways of helping someone grow as an author I'm sure without trying to destroy that persons self confidence. Besides if everybody stopped writing and reviewing I wouldn't know where or which books I need read, I have learned which reviewers I can trust to give me an honest review and which books I'm gonna buy next. So keep writing people and I'll keep buying onward we go LOL

Turbulence by Jordan Castillo Price 3 STARS This is my first book by this author, and I got it free on amazon, it's a first in a series but so far so good I was a little confused at first and I kinda got a feeling it's gonna be like that TV show Lost feel to it but it was interesting and I will read the next one to see where it goes.

Gothic by Marie Medina 2.5 STARS It wasn't what I was expecting and I felt the blurb didn't really get it right with this story, wasn't a favorite of mine.

It's Simple Simon by Lee Brazil  2.5 STARS Now usually I love this author's stories, so I was surprised that I didn't like this one but I just couldn't get into it

Blamestorming (EMS Heat) by Stephani Hecht 3.5 STARS I really like this series, again this one wasn't my favorite but it had some of my favorite characters from previous books in it. It's a really good short read.

A Mate for Two by Penelope Rivers 3 STARS Another fun short read, that would have been fascinating in a longer story.

Seduction by Lou Harper 4.25 STARS I soo wish this story had been longer I really would like to have read more it was funny, and sexy and completely fascinating I really wanted to read more.

Rainbow Courage by Charlie Richards 3.5 STARS I think if I had more story this could have been a great story for me but for a short story it was pretty good.

Happy Endings Briefs by Missy Welsh 3.75 STARS This is a collection of short short stories but they all were fun and sexy as hell and I really enjoyed them. Sometimes you just want a little smex this is the book you wanna read.

Happy Endings by JP Bowie 3.75 STARS This was a cute story but I'm use to a little more action/drama from this author so reading a sweet story through me off but don't get me wrong it is good just shorter than I was expecting.

 Have a great Fall day and I will be back with some more reviews soon.

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  1. That was your first Jordan Castillo Price story? Oh, you have a treat ahead of you. :) Her PsyCop series is my absolutely favorite m/m series EVER. You can read the first half of the first book free here: