Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Spits and Bellows (Midnight Matings #19) by Joyee Flynn

Spits and Bellows
After Huckleberry drank the spiked toast at the UPAC conference, he had but one thought on his mind… Claim a mate. He jumped the first good-looking stranger he didn’t think would eat him, and manic need took over. Unfortunately, the man he picked was less than thrilled.

Peyton just wanted to be left alone and keep to his strict work schedule. Was that really too much to ask? He’d gone to the UPAC conference to get his required attendance for the decade out of the way. He never thought he’d bring anyone home.

But when Huck tries desperately to make up for what he’s done to Peyton and nothing helps, he works himself to exhaustion. And with the strange anger issues and quirks his mate has, he doesn’t see the loving mating he always dreamed of. Will he even last the required four years?

                                                                   4 STARS

I truly enjoyed this Midnight Matings book, it was such a funny start to a matings story with sweet Huckleberry (love that name) mating the first guy that didn't look like he'd eat him. Peyton is a jerk for most of the book but once you meet his parents you understand why he's such an asshole, though that doesn't excuse the way he acts to poor Huck. I really didn't like Peyton till close to the end of the book when he starts to act like a descent guy, but he still should have kicked his brother' ass for the way he treats Huck. It's a good story even though there are parts I wanted to scream at like having to go to Peytons parents house and the crap that they not only put Peyton through but also what they do to Huck. The added BDSM caught me completely off guard but was ok and not drastic, but the story would have been just as good without it too. I  recommend

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