Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Lyon's Theorem of Seduction (TomCats #2) by Gale Stanley

Lyon's Theorem of Seduction (TomCats #2)

TomCats is the hottest gay resort in Key West and the perfect place for Andrew Long to forget his cheating ex-boyfriend.

Sexy tomcat Lyon Nash enjoys his life running the resort he owns with a group of cat-shifters. He's not looking for a mate, but the shy, uptight Andrew ignites a spark that his cat can't ignore.

Captain Jack, the cruise director, is also attracted to Andrew, and he bets Lyon that he can seduce the new guest first.

Lyon puts his Theorem of Seduction to the test and wins the bet. Things heat up between him and Andrew. They have a magical, mutual connection, but their relationship goes south when Andrew finds out about the bet. Once again he's been humiliated and he flies back to New York. At least he's bringing back the stray cat he adopted, but can the feline help him forget the charming cad he left behind

                                                                       4.25 STARS

I love this series I don't know if it's the fact that the shifters are Tomcats or what but this series is not only funny and sexy but has some serious issues it deals with also. Andrew is a sweet guy but he is always forgiving and taking back his cheating lying ex. So he's off to start over and get his life together when he meets Lyon whose a Tomcat shifter but also one of the owners of Tomcats resort too. We met him a little in the first story, but he's working as the bartender when he meets Andrew, he's immediately attracted but feels he has a rep to protect. Anyway along comes Captain Jack (I keep thinking Sparrow after that LOL) and a bet is made, unfortunately Lyon falls hard for Andrew right before the bottom falls out. I truly enjoyed this story I laughed,I cried, I had to take a cold shower (sorry inner perv got out) Ok yes the sex scenes are pretty damn hot (ok you happy now...inner perv smiles) My favorite part in this book was that Andrew finally puts his foot down he's decided he isn't anyone's doormat any longer and I loved how that all came about. Can't wait to read Captain Jack's story next (damn there goes that Pirates theme in my head again) I Recommend.

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