Thursday, September 13, 2012

Russian Prey (Assassin / Shifter) by Sandrine Gasq-Dion

Russian Prey (book 8 Assassin/Shifter)
Special Agent Keegan Ripley has watched, listened to and fantasized about the notorious Vicious Vince Markov for more than a decade. Now he has been assigned the task of going undercover in Rio to convince Markov to meet with FBI bosses about joining forces. After meeting Vince in a gay bar, Keegan finds that even his very close surveillance has left him completely unprepared for the man’s overwhelming sex appeal. Besides fighting his traitorous body, Keegan also has to deal with the fact that his crush is a complete and total ass.

Sexy, cold and unfeeling assassin Vince Markov is on a mission. He has been sent to Rio to kill Dario Nardozzi, a child killer whose number is up. He makes sure the psychopath knows he's in Rio, but it turns out that the biggest threat to Vince's well-being isn't Nardozzi - it's one Keegan Ripley. When he catches Vince's eye in a very big way, Vince is intrigued. But the beautiful Mr. Ripley isn’t interested and, thrown off his game, Vince has another mission: find out why in hell not!

Forced to work together, the mission becomes dangerous for both men. As they battle a madman and their own feelings, secrets are revealed, trusts are betrayed and lives are at stake. Vince's cold heart is in danger of melting and Keegan's resolve to resist Vince is buckling. Can a notoriously vicious killer and an FBI agent actually fall in love?

                                                                      5 + STARS 
 I am completely hooked on this fascinating series, Sandrine Gasq-Dion has totally wrapped me up in this amazing tale, I mean it's part fantasy part not and it never feels strained or confused. Instead it's exciting and each character pulls you in to their lives so easily you don't even know it's happened. I read really fast and the down side to that is waiting for the next book to come out LOL each book has such a different plotline that it doesn't get boring or anything and DAMN girl the sex scenes...I need a cold shower...LOL I loved the MC's in this one Vince was exciting, with his friendship with his ex to the relationship with his son and even fighting his attraction to Keegan and his emotional turmoil about his life it's all just frigging awesome I can't wait for the ex's story and the son's too their both fascinating characters. Keegan is sooo sweet and that boy has been through so much but he's got this inner strength that makes you adore his character. There are even parts where I didn't like the way Vince treated Keegan but in it's context it really works more for the story not against it. And as always we get the wonderful characters and couples from previous books (I just Love that Riley) which makes this series feel more like a family. I loved this story, it's exciting on the edge of your seat action, a hot & steamy love story with a little paranormal thrown and we even get more of our favorite couples and what their going through too. I HIGHLY HIGHLY RECOMMEND.

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