Wednesday, September 5, 2012

#1 Comfort Series for Me

 I wanted to try something different today, so I thought I would talk about my comfort reads it may turn into something I talk about once a week who knows. I want authors to know that no matter what anyone ever says (myself included) about your work don't ever give up, your books or story may just change someones life. I will be talking about some of those authors who have not only written excellent books but taught me something be it tolerance or acceptance or something crazy like a new drink to try, but when I finished that story left me feeling as though life's not as horrible or cruel as I felt before reading that story.

 Everyone knows I'm nuts over series' right? It's actually kinda funny I really do have ADD which is attention deficient disorder my brain feels like a tv remote constantly turning channels LOL I will change topics and get side tracked repeatedly and a side effect of that is OCD which I may joke about it but is a serious issue I just channel alot of my energy into optimism instead of letting it all pull me down, I was given books at an early age and thats where I pushed a lot of my emotions, concerns etc. I LOVE to read plain and simple, and m/m romance, fiction whatever you want to call it felt like a comfortable place for me to fit. 

I'm a big kid at heart even when I'm being sarcastic (which is often LOL) But when I get to the point that life takes its toll and I want to disappear for awhile to these are the books I go to. My number 1 all time favorite series or character "A Matter of Time" by Mary Calmes I fell head over heels in love with Jory from the first page and couldn't wait to read more about him and his life. I believe that was one of the first stories I ever really stopped to think about so when life sends me a day that I feel like I'm lost in Jory is who I turn to.

There's some much I loved in this series that there is noway I can explain how intensely I adore it. I mean everybody has stresses in life right? I can't be the only one but when life hit's you hard what do you do? Me I like to smile now this series isn't all smiles at times I cried like a baby but the intense emotions that I am always left with when reading  about Jory always leave me feeling better. Mary Calmes has become one of those authors that I automatically buy without reading the blurb because she has earned my trust that I will enjoy her stories they may not end up being my favorite but I can be comforted in knowing I will enjoy the book.

And I just heard Ms. Calmes has another Jory book coming out. SQUEEEE!!!!!! Yeah I'm a fangirl so what? LOL Sorry inner wild child breaks through sometimes. Anyway I truly love this series it such a well written emotional roller coaster love story that I am soo happy to ride along,
Everybody needs an outlet for their emotions mine is simple I like to read and I admit I read alot ( I hide my amazon bill from my hubby or I'd need a good divorce attorney LOL) and my poor kindle is about worn out. So if you get time and read this let me know what some of your comfort reads are, I'm always willing to read new books. And next week I'll talk about another series that brings me joy and if but some goofy chance that you haven't read "A Matter of Time" go buy it I'm sure you won't regret it. It's an excellent story that is movie worthy

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