Monday, September 10, 2012

Middle Game (Chess #2) by Sean Michael

Middle Game (Chess, #2)
Can Jason be with three amazing men and not lose his heart in the process?

Living with and being the play toy of three men is more rewarding than Jason could have imagined. Bishop, Knight and Rook each have their own way of loving on him. In Bishop he finds a work-out partner, friendship, and good solid lovemaking. He isn’t sure what to make of Knight, but the man is a brilliant artist and there are worse things than being Knight’s subject for his latest series of paintings. And the kinky things Knight does to him blow his mind on a regular basis.

It’s Rook who Jason is falling in love with, though. The bright, loving, sexy man has him head over heels and Jason’s beginning to worry that he’s getting himself in way over his head. Can he continue to be with these men without losing his heart?

                                                                      4.75 STARS    

This is the second book of the Chess series, which I am really enjoying since Sean Michael is the author of one of my top fav Jarhead series I couldn't wait to read this one. I have not been disappointed either, nobody can write a menage or quaid like Sean Michael, it always comes across as seamless even with the issues and trails that each character faces and the issues that they face as a quaid. It's so well written that you focus more on each individual character and how that character relates in this relationship. So instead of feeling like a quaid is unusual you don't really notice that it's not the norm. It can't be easy to fit 4 guys with such different personalities into a relationship and make it work so well but Sean Michael does it easily.

In Middle Game Jason who was brought in to a menage relationship in the first book is realizing that he's in love with Rook but that Rook is in love with Bishop & Knight so his insecurities are coming out. So while they are each dealing with those we also get Knight who has his own freaky reactions that have to be dealt with. We are getting more information on each character Bishop seems to be the main Dominate personality but you can see how much he loves Rook, & Knight and even starting to love Jason so I like his take charge attitude. Knight seems to be a mess but you still get to see not only his fears and stresses but how much he not only depends on Bishop & Rook but how much he really loves them also. Rook is the heart of this quaid his compassion and love is easy to see and he's also the fun one of the bunch. Plus I absolutely love the Chess references, and how funny is it that these guys own a sex toy shop huh?

I truly can't wait to see where this series goes next, I am loving this bunch of guys. So I will Highly Recommend of course it's also Hot as Hell too. (sorry inner perv broke loose again) and again I will say I absolutely love the authors bio at the end the humor there makes me want to read more from Sean Michael.   

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