Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Be Courageous (Guide to Armageddon #2) by Gabrielle Evans

Be Courageous (Guide to Armageddon #2.0)
On the hunt for provisions, Kennedy Colfax falls right into the hands of Prince Julius Marionette. Surprisingly, the vampire is kind, generous, and noble—so different from the others—and Kennedy soon finds himself enamored with the man.

Though enchanted by Kennedy, Julius remains hesitant, fearful of the repercussions should his intolerant father discover his true feelings. When his secret is revealed and Kennedy is kidnapped, Julius won’t stop until he finds his mate. Unfortunately, rescuing his intended is only the beginning.

Young and impetuous, Kennedy balks at the idea of an eternal binding, while Julius works through feelings of inferiority caused by a lifetime of abuse. When enemies become allies, and friends betray them, it only adds to the strain on their relationship. In the midst of chaos and uncertainty, an internal battle will rage as the pair struggles against their personal demons.

War is easy. Love takes courage

                                                                    3.75 STARS

This one is book 2 in the Armageddon series (anyone else hear Def Leppard in your head whenever you say that?) it's Kennedy whom I adored and Julius whom I liked for most part story. I liked the storyline very well and the action scenes were pretty damn good my biggest issues with this book was Julius in the previous book I really liked him and couldn't wait to read this one but in Be Courageous I gotta say I thought he acted like a wimp for most of the story and Kennedy comes across as the Hero here. First Julius won't stand up to his father not even for his Mate I get that he's suffering but I honestly got the feeling he was whining too much I really wanted to smack him, I mean look at what Kennedy goes through and he still refuses to give up. It felt like a completely different character from what we learned of him in the first book. They did have chemistry and some sweet moments, but it was lost on me with Julius. I will recommend because Kennedy makes this story pop and very enjoyable.


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