Tuesday, September 25, 2012

The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (Mate or Meal #13) by Scarlet Hyacinth

The Vampire Who Thirsted for a Wolf (Mate or Meal, # 13)
Blood slave or bonded? It is a question that has hounded vampire Kaname Yamamoto since he first saw werewolf Derek Wade. In all his years as an elder, he’s never experienced such a powerful pull toward anyone. But is their connection just lust, or something more?

Derek’s duty as an Alpha’s son binds him, keeping him from exploring his feelings for Kaname. But he cannot resist his desires, and as he returns into Kaname’s embrace, he realizes he doesn’t even want to. For the first time in his life, he opens his heart and trusts someone with his innermost vulnerabilities.

Even as the two struggle to balance a relationship in a world that still frowns on vampire-shifter cooperation, the tentative alliance between the species is shattered by an unexpected attack. Old wounds are stirred, and Derek’s relationship with Kaname is threatened. Can their bond withstand the weight of divided loyalties?

                                                        3.5 STARS

I'm not sure exactly how I felt about this story, don't get me wrong it was good really it was but it's more about the action/drama storyline then the relationship between Derek & Kaname. I was very surprised by the bad guy in this one didn't see that coming, there's more issues in this one and the ending through me for a loop but it's a good story and we get some new characters but also some of our previous ones too.  I would have liked to get to know Kaname better his character seems so alof that its hard to really like him but I loved Derek he has such a sweet disposition that you just can't help but like him. I will Recommend because I love this series and to enjoy it fully I think you need to read them all preferably in order. 

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