Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Bewitched by Their Mate (Feral #1) by Scarlet Hyacinth

Bewitched by Their Mate (Feral #1)
When witch Hewitt Moore helped his friends, the spirit wolves, he didn’t realize his assistance would draw unwanted attention to him. He becomes the target of the ferals, but Hewitt is completely capable of defending his life. He cannot, however, protect his heart. Not when he finds love in the most unlikely way.

Devon Saunders and Mason Kale are ferals, banished by their own kind after losing themselves to their beast. When chance leads them to Hewitt, and each other, both men are shocked. Ferals don’t have mates, and they hate their own kind with a passion.

However, their explosive connection cannot be denied. Fearing what their wild nature might do to Hewitt, the two ferals agree to cooperate with the spirit wolves. But there are more dangerous things in the world than ferals. When Hewitt is kidnapped by mysterious creatures, it will be up to Devon and Mason to rescue their mate.

                                                            4 STARS 

This was a really good start to a new spin-off of the Spirit Wolves series which this one goes in the other directions for the Ferals. I enjoyed getting to know the Devon & Mason and how they became that way, they've also kept their sanity without becoming complete monsters. The way they all meet is hilarious and exciting all in one, I'm not sure I get where this story is going yet but I know I will be continuing to read this series. It's an exciting, but sweet love story between 2 ferals and a witch who is Hewitt. I recommend

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