Monday, September 17, 2012

Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mystery #2) by Scott Sherman

Second You Sin (Kevin Connor Mystery #2) Someone is killing New York City's hottest male prostitutes, and it's up to full-time call boy, part-time sleuth Kevin Connor to find out who. With his spectacular boy-next-door looks, quick wit, and ability to role-play even the most outrageous scenarios, Kevin is facing his most challenging position yet—to stop a ruthless killer.

As Kevin begins his investigation, there's no shortage of possible suspects or motives. Could the killer be a sadistic head case with a deadly fetish? A high-profile celebrity worried that his biggest secret might get out? Or perhaps it's a right-wing politician, guilty of protesting too much from his pious and unforgiving soapbox. As Kevin gets closer to the truth, he'll find himself trapped in a scandalous web of secrets where the line between victim and predator blurs, and no sin goes unpunished…

                                                                      5 STARS

Have you ever read a story that just makes you want to read more and more because you just fell in love with a character? Kevin made me fall for him so easily, I loved his outlook on life, his humor in this story and the deep emotional issues that he deals with just make this incredible. I swear Kevin  has the funniest life of any character I have read, I mean his family alone would probably put me in a padded room especially his mom (whom I actually adored) and his "clients" and the things they want to do HOLY SHIT I will never look at another clown the same way ROFL. Tony I truly wanted to beat the shit outta him for most of the book. I'm not a big fan of a MC hiding in the closet and at times Tony came across as an ass instead of truly loving Kevin, I won't give too much away but their are times I wanted Kevin with someone else just because I felt he deserved to be loved completely. Now as for the mystery/action part of this story that was a blast and I will be honest and say I was surprised by the villain, since it wasn't who I thought it would be. I love a good mystery and this book was one of the best. I have already pre ordered the third one so I seriously can't wait to get it YAY!!! at the end of this month. I will Highly Recommend, I think you will enjoy I know I sure did.

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